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1461 Mariscal Antonio José de Sucre
Buenos Aires, CABA, C1428


FRASSAÏ is a fragrance and jewelry house born in Buenos Aires and New York. With a sensorial approach to design, each piece is conceived to evoke the senses. Our fine scented candles and eau de parfum collection will transport you into a scented journey through places, memories and time. As part of the house's sustainable approach, all jewelry is handcrafted locally and in small quantities. We utilize recycled materials whenever possible. 


Our blog is about perfume, jewelry and our own creative journey. Embark on this sensorial experience with us to learn more about Buenos Aires, about what makes a candle fragrance or perfume unique, and learn more about our timeless modern jewelry which has a sensorial approach to design. We share details about our luxury scented candles, our handmade sterling silver and gold rings, cuffs, necklaces and earrings. In addition we are sharing exclusive lifestyle tips. 

Happiness in a bottle


What if happiness came in a bottle? In the form of fragrance permeating in the air, exuding from every pore of your body, and engaging your senses...? 

Scents Hunter, who prefers to remain anonymous, yet is ever present in her daily scented Instagram posts, claims that Blondine makes her happy.

Blondine de @frassai es un amor para toda la vida. No puedo soportar ver que se termina. Su cacao, lo salado de su fórmula, su misterio y su equilibrio perturbador me fascinan. Me hace feliz usarlo. 
Frassaï's Blondine is eternal love. I cannot stand seeing the fragrance come to an end. Its cocoa, the salty nuance of the formula, its mystery and perturbing balance fascinate me. Wearing it makes me happy. 

Does scent uplift you? What fragrances stimulate your imagination? 

Adiós Verano ~ Hello Spring


 Verano Porteño Frassai

Verano Porteño Frassai

As we bid adieu or "adiós" to summer in Buenos Aires we get ready to welcome spring in New York. The beauty of living in two seasons is that we can really have it all 🌸🌸🌸 #hellospring#sensorialexperience #newyork#buenosaires • Nos despedimos del verano pero sigue acompañándonos en nuestra piel con esta bella #fragancia que nos transporta a una mañana de sol brillante rodeada de jazmines y maderas sofisticadas #veranoporteño #otoño🍁

The Scented Gent samples Verano Porteño


@thescentedgent: Today I'm sampling Verano Porteno by @frassai With dominant notes of citron, calabrian bergamot, jasmine, clementine and magnolia. I was kindly sent the new line of fragrances from Frassai some time ago, for which I apologise for taking my time with a sample post. So here's to a new chapter of exploring fragrances worn by the women in my life. Of course fragrances have no gender, it all comes down to wearing what you enjoy. Verano Porteno opens with the refreshing notes of citron, bergamot and tangerine. Its sweet and effervescent, which a touch of tartness from the citron to keep it grounded. Close behind the citruses, and the beautiful white florals of jasmine and magnolia, smooth, inviting and enveloping. It really does evoke a summers day in my mind, as the warm winds blow in a beautiful floral aroma. Vetiver adds a touch of green sharpness, that works well with the tartness of the citron. Cardamom sits deeply within the blend, but offers a hint of sweet spice, a note that is always welcome in my book. Finally ambrette seeds round off the scent with a musk like note. In terms of performance I got projection of 2-3 hours and longevity of 8+ hours, it certainly performed well on both mine and my girlfriends skin. Of the three fragrances in the line from Frassai, I selected Verano Porteno to discuss first as it could certainly be a unisex fragrance. Verano Porteno is truly a beautiful scent, and provides a reminder of summer whatever the weather. I'd certainly love my girlfriend to wear this, but I think she's going to have to share.

#frassai #veranoporteno #fragrance#perume #fragrancereview

Women who Inspire!


To celebrate International Woman's Day, I thought I'd share some of the women who inspire me on a daily basis. We all shine brighter when we lift each other up. Who inspires you?

 Tina ~ Photographer

Tina ~ Photographer

Tina is a New York photographer. An unfulfilling career in finance led her to a creative field where she can express her true passion for life. 

Tina wears Blondine and burns Gustav while taking a bath. 

 Christine ~ Coach

Christine ~ Coach

Christine is a lifestyle coach and the founder of ana-hob beauty along with her sister Kim. She has the most uplifting smile I have ever seen! She is always looking to support and enlighten other women. And with her new coaching practice she is doing this more than ever! 

Christine wears Verano Porteño & Tian Di and lights up Ada in her sunny Tampa home.

 Luba ~ Entrepreneur

Luba ~ Entrepreneur

Luba is the founder of Born on Bowery, handcrafted children & mommy accessories. A most stylish woman, she always surprises me with her beautiful new creations.

Luba wears Verano Porteño & burns Bebel in her NYC home. 

 Roxanne Kirkpatrick Hunter ~ Perfumer

Roxanne Kirkpatrick Hunter ~ Perfumer

From Utah to Paris with a long layover in New York, Roxanne has relentlessly pursued her dream of becoming a nose. From our days smelling raw materials together in New York to collaborating on a candle collection, we have seen each other's journeys evolve. We are now developing a very special fragrance together that will be launching later this year (you heard it first!)

Roxanne burns Marlene, Clifford and Ada, three of her candle creations for FRASSAÏ.

 Lisa ~ WOWA

Lisa ~ WOWA

Boss lady Lisa is the founder of The Style Theory and of We Are Women Owned community. We serendipitously met at a Work Sesh in Brooklyn days before our pop-up event last October. Lisa is dedicated to serving and honoring women succeed in their ventures.

She wears Verano Porteño

 Irina ~ nose

Irina ~ nose

Although she is modeling Frassaï's Nüwa collection, Irina is actually a nose. We first met in the perfumery world over a decade ago. She is incredibly generous and profoundly talented. A true gem of a mother, professional and friend. 

When not wearing one of her own perfume creations, Irina wears Tian Di. She also burns Ada candles in her adopted Hong Kong (and always has a snuffer around because her son loves putting candles out!). She can often be seen walking around with many our jewelry pieces. 

Who inspires you? 

How to make candles last longer


Make your candles smell better and last longer

 Photo: BoweryMuse

Photo: BoweryMuse

The DOS and DON'TS of candle burning

Don't you wish your scented candles lasted forever? Follow these tips and make them last longer. Plus, prevent black soot, tunneling and improve fragrance throw!


Burn your candle at least two hours on first use

To get the most of your candle, allow the top wax layer to melt fully on first use. This means that you will need to burn your candle for at least two hours when first lighting it. 

Use the right tools

Trim the wick. The longer your wick, the faster your candle will consume. Trimming the wick is key to making it last longer. It also prevents smoke and ensures your candle is burning as tested. We suggest keeping it at the same length as when new, or about a quarter of an inch. Trim every time you use your candle. This will increase its life by 25%.  

Re-center the wick after each burn

If your wick has shifted, it will be burning closer to the glass edge than intended. Re-center it while the wax is still liquid (wait a few minutes for it to cool of first). Re-centering will prevent soot stains from blackening the glass.  

Keep it Clean

If the glass turns black, gently wipe off the stains with a wet tissue or cotton pad. Glass may turn black if you burn the candle too long, so put out the candle after 3 or 4 hours. The scent will still linger!

Reuse your candle glass

The good news is that your candle container can be repurposed. After the candle has burnt completely, simply submerge in warm soapy water.  The remaining wax will pop up. Rinse the glass and dry. Use it to hold flowers or beauty brushes. 

 Photo: Yoga Bunny NYC

Photo: Yoga Bunny NYC

Keep dust off when not in use

Keeping the lid on your candle when not in use will prevent dust from forming. A glass dome can also be a stylish way to display your candle at home. 

A manly, heady scent reminiscent of a smoky, jazz club of yesteryear


" flat is smelling of battered leather chesterfields and cigar smoke, with incense, elemi, oakmoss and suede it's a manly, heady scent reminiscent of a smoky, jazz club of yesteryear" ・・・ of 5 scented candles talented Natalia Ou has developed in honour of different sensorial experiences and music greats. She cut her teeth in New York working in the perfume industry and returned to Buenos Aires to combine her love of scent and jewelry into one enterprise which she sells locally and in the States. Her necklaces can incorporate a vial to carry perfume as part of the design. Clifford is my favourite of her candles - and right now my flat is smelling of battered leather chesterfields and cigar smoke, with incense, elemi, oakmoss and suede it's a manly, heady scent reminiscent of a smoky, jazz club of yesteryear." Cremedelacremeba

 Photo by Vanessa @cremedelacremeba

Photo by Vanessa @cremedelacremeba

On freshness and new releases by Frag_Rants


🍑🍑🍑 go check @frassai other two fragrances Blondine and Verano Porteño. Also keep your noses peeled for any upcoming releases that may or may not have been rumoured. 😏🤐🙊 If I must say so, Verano Porteño is a no brainer. Blind buy it if you like any freshies done by Rodrigo Flores-Roux. He is the perfumer for Verano Porteño and he has a very large resume of hall of fame freshies. From fragrances like Neroli Portofino by @tomford and also @johnvarvatos Artisan Pure. I can highly recommend this house. The noses that the creative director @natalia_ou worked with are very well known and have done so many great fragrances. CANT WAIT TO SEE WHAT IS NEXT.



mrcologne76Frag community watch out for these gems recently released by the house of @frassai. I was sent Tian Di, Blondine and Verano Porteno for my review. I wore each one twice and both times Blondine came out as my favorite. Notes for this one are salted butter caramel, pear leaves, ashok flower, tiger lilly, coco, and blonde musks. Bravo to the perfumer for taking a wonderfully done floral scent and softening the sharp nuances with notes like caramel and cocoa. Despite the fact that I do not see gender distinctions when it comes to perfumery this one leans a little to the feminine side however it can still be worn by a man just as easily. This fragrance maintains a presence without being overpowering. Its opening was quite floral despite the fact that the first listed note salted butter caramel. Within 30 minutes it's sharp edges dulled considerably and it became warm and inviting. I wore my sample to bed and was still able to smell it on my skin the next morning so longevity is upwards of eight hours. It must be said that the dry down was hardly floral but Cocoa and Blonde Musks form the base of this fragrance. This fragrance definitely has a sensual appeal to me and I enjoyed how it transition from the opening to the warm heart. This would be appropriate in Fall or Summer though It would fare well in colder temps. Since projection (at least when I wore it) was not beast mode this would do great in Intimate settings. Date night or even work. I also really enjoyed Verano Porteno. It's a beautiful blend of citrus almost natural in profile and white florals.

Can't be Afraid of Powder Notes


frag_rants Frassai - Tian Di (2017) PEACHES, incense and sandalwood. That’s what I get here. With some powder from orris. This is very nice for spring. Although it is very versatile and can be worn year round. It does invoke spring to me though. To me this is a very juicy, ripe Peach with incense and sandalwood and iris sitting underneath. All blended together very smoothly! There are some other notes as well. Ginger, red chrysanthemum and olibanum. But I don’t get much of those to my nose. I personally think this fragrance suits a woman and I personally would want to smell it on a woman IMHO but that being said it can very easily be worn by a man because there is a bit of smoke from the Chinese Incense which lends to it being more unisex. I would say though you can’t be afraid of powder notes. It is very well put together, has good sillage(2-3 feet, 3-4 hours depending on temperature), and it lasted about 6-8 hours on my skin and after that it did become very close to the skin. Check out @frassai and click the link in their bio if you’re interested in more information on this and more of there offerings.

The Noses Behind Frassaï's New Perfume Collection: Rodrigo Flores-Roux, Yann Vasnier, Olivier Gillotin


Fragrance is harmony and I believe in letting the essence of each fragrance come through in harmony. In creating my perfume collection, I appealed to the soul and style of each of the noses I worked with.
— Natalia

Rodrigo Flores-Roux •  VERANO PORTEÑO

“To me, fragrance is all about the quest for beauty, pleasure and perfection” 
“My love for flowers and for my native country, Mexico, gives me an infinite source of inspiration.”
 Rodrigo Flores-Roux

Rodrigo Flores-Roux

Rodrigo is masterful with white florals, and I immediately knew that if I was to capture the spirit of the jasmine scent that infuses Buenos Aires during summer, he would understand exactly how. His rich Mexican heritage and relentless quest for beauty were key to interpreting this feeling. We played with beautiful citrus notes from Italy, paying homage to the Italian immigrants that came to my country and also to Astor Piazzolla, whose tango the fragrance is named after. The radiant top notes mimic the morning sun, when the flowers bloom. The delicacy and freshness of this parfum are deliberate, as a soft summer breeze that caresses your skin. 

Olivier Gillotin • TIAN DI

"Many of my fragrance experiences are souvenirs of the past, taken from distant places, journeys and life experiences."
"A perfume is a piece of art, where the harmony of the perfume has to work within a space and time."
 Olivier Gillotin

Olivier Gillotin

Tian DiHeaven and Earth, was inspired by my practices of Taoism. It was important to reflect the spiritual and ritualistic nature of these internal practices. The image of the journey invites us to discover unknown territories and also the landscapes within ourselves. 

Yann Vasnier • BLONDINE

“Perfume has been the biggest adventure of my life, taking me around the world, but it has all started in my family’s garden in Brittany” 
" I experiment a lot, but I always add a touch of classical elegance.”
Yann Vasnier Perfumer Blondine

Yann and I worked together on many fun projects. His French style always carries a dose of originality and sexiness. In Blondine, there is something that captivates you right away. The soft nuances of the gourmand and animal notes are brought to life with captivating florals. No one better than Yann to capture the magic of this French fairy tale. Although the perfume is a big floral named after a beautiful young blond girl, I find that this fragrance is extremely well worn by men. 


How do you describe Scent? Understand and Gain Insight into Perfume


Unlike with music, art or fashion, no true formal vocabulary has been established to explain and describe fragrance. The terminology used will vary from person to person. And although there is consensus on certain terms, some others are still disputed even by renowned fragrance industry connoisseurs. Ask two experts and you may receive different responses. 

Why is it so important to know how to describe scent?

It is a language, like many others. One that will allow us to to express our desires and communicate better. 

Have you heard the terms "head" "heart" "base"? - Did they leave you wondering what this really meant? 

Perfume is an accord, similar to a musical accord, and it's visualized in 3 parts: 

Head ~ Heart ~ Base

Olfactie Pyramid



The head or top notes represent the first 15' minutes of evaporation of a fragrance. This is the period that provides freshness and sparkle.


The heart or middle notes normally account for the following 3 to 4 hours. These are the ingredients that give personality or character to a fragrance.


The base represents the final 4 to 5 hours of the perfume, the notes that give a scent tenacity and depth.

 Raw Materials in their pyramid structure

Raw Materials in their pyramid structure

Among the top notes of a perfume we will find citrus, aromatics, greens, fruits, marine or ozonic notes, and aldehydes. Quite a range which will be perceived when we first spray a fragrance, which is normally when we decide whether we like it or not.

Moving on to the heart, we find florals, spices, woods and leather. And on the base, notes such as amber, musk, sweet/powdery and animal.

These 3 parts of a perfume form a complete structure. Each raw material will play a more or less significant role in the overall pyramid structure, giving way to the fragrance profile and olfactive family. and the intensity of each particular note

Some fragrances put emphasis on the head and less on the base notes, creating a lighter fragrance. One that puts more emphasis on the base notes while containing some heart notes, will be a heavier fragrance. There are many facets in between. Creativity is endless!

For instance, Chanel 5 has a top note that is dominated by an aldehydic accord and supported with a hint of citrus. The heart is floral and woody with a touch of spice. And at the base, we find vanilla and musk with a light animal accord. 

The component parts or raw material families which make up the perfume will determine the nature of a fragrance.

Curious to learn more? I'll be going more in depth about each of the fragrance families and some other aspects of perfume in the upcoming weeks. 




1. Find a ring that is your size

2. Use a ruler or caliber to measure the inside diameter of the ring and then match it with the circles on below size sheet

  • Example: if your ring has an inside diameter of 17.7 millimeters (0.696 inches), this corresponds to size 7.5

  • If the diameter falls between two sizes, choose the larger size


You’re all set. 

If we do not offer your size or a size that is close, please contact us for custom sizing options.