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FRASSAÏ is a jewelry and fragrance brand with bases in Buenos Aires and New York. Our pieces combine noble and organic materials and often play with fragrance, engaging the senses. Each one is the expression of an emotion. FRASSAÏ does not rely solely on expensive materials, believing that everything that comes from nature is precious. As part of the house's sustainable approach, all jewelry is handcrafted in limited quantities. Each piece is truly unique.


Our blog is about perfume, jewelry and our own creative journey. Embark on this sensorial experience with us to learn more about Buenos Aires, about what makes a candle fragrance or perfume unique, and learn more about our timeless modern jewelry which has a sensorial approach to design. We share details about our luxury scented candles, our handmade sterling silver and gold rings, cuffs, necklaces and earrings. In addition we are sharing exclusive lifestyle tips. 

On comfort and the powers of evocation | Sobre el confort y los poderes de la evocación


On comfort and the powers of evocation

Josefa de Óbidos, Naturaleza muerta con tortas

Josefa de Óbidos, Naturaleza muerta con tortas


Scents evoke and provoke. They can take us back to our childhood in the blink of an eye, making memories resonate within our mind: biscuits dipped in milk or jasmine flowers exuding their sweet fragrance on a warm summer evening; warm candied peanuts being offered by a street vendor or an old lipstick lost inside Mom's leather handbag. These familiar smells make us feel safe and protected. In each case they are conditioned by our particular experiences. It's not unusual that vanilla, baby powder and gourmand compositions predominate among those comfort scents we reach for during stressful times. The challenge consists in finding a gourmand that feels mouthwatering and, at the same time, isn't a literal rendition of edible goods. Resins, amber, patchouli, leather can help keep the nod to pâtisserie far from kindergarten. Complexity and/or transparence in composition avoid similarities with culinary essences. Finding out what anchors us in our own comforting memories might take time, trial and error, but it's a path well worth pursuing.


Sobre el confort y los poderes de la evocación

Los olores evocan y provocan. Pueden retrotraernos a la infancia de manera inmediata, haciendo resonar recuerdos en la mente: esponjosas vainillas sumergidas en leche o flores de jazmín en un atardecer de verano; la garrapiñada de los puestos callejeros en el centro de la ciudad o un viejo lápiz labial perdido en la cartera de cuero de mamá. Estos aromas familiares nos hacen sentir seguros y protegidos. 
Por supuesto que, en cada caso, estarán determinados por las vivencias particulares del usuario. No es raro que vainilla, talco y composiciones gourmand predominen entre los comfort scents a los que recurrimos en momentos de stress.  El desafío consiste en encontrar un gourmand que nos resulte apetitoso y a la vez evite la literalidad. Resinas, ámbar, patchouli, cuero pueden ayudar a que el guiño a la pastelería se mantenga alejado del kindergarten. Complejidad y/o transparencia en la composición contribuyen también a evitar similitudes con esencias de uso exclusivamente culinario. Descubrir qué nos ancla en nuestras propias memorias reconfortantes será un camino a recorrer; podrá llevar tiempo, pruebas y errores, pero siempre vale la pena.

Josefa de Óbidos, Naturaleza muerta

Josefa de Óbidos, Naturaleza muerta