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1461 Mariscal Antonio José de Sucre
Buenos Aires, CABA, C1428


FRASSAÏ is a fragrance and jewelry house born in Buenos Aires and New York. With a sensorial approach to design, each piece is conceived to evoke the senses. Our fine scented candles and eau de parfum collection will transport you into a scented journey through places, memories and time. As part of the house's sustainable approach, all jewelry is handcrafted locally and in small quantities. We utilize recycled materials whenever possible. 



Our blog is about perfume, jewelry and our own creative journey. Embark on this sensorial experience with us to learn more about Buenos Aires, about what makes a candle fragrance or perfume unique, and learn more about our timeless modern jewelry which has a sensorial approach to design. We share details about our luxury scented candles, our handmade sterling silver and gold rings, cuffs, necklaces and earrings. In addition we are sharing exclusive lifestyle tips. 



We continue our olfactive voyage. This time, we delight our senses with vintage perfume ads, masterpieces in and of themselves.  


Mitsouko, “the perfume of mystery” was inspired by a story of impossible love. "Mitsouko" means "mystery" in Japanese. This chypre fruity perfume was created by Jacques Guerlain in 1919. 

Continuamos nuestro viaje de experiencias sensoriales. Esta vez deleitamos nuestra vista y olfato con publicidades de perfumes vintage. Obras de arte que marcaron la historia de la perfumería.   

Un chypre frutal creado en 1919 por Guerlain. La fragancia fue inspirada en una historia de amor imposible. "Mitsouko" significa "misterio" en Japonés.


Joy by Jean Patou. Created in 1929, it challenged the mood of the times with sumptuousness. It has a rich floral heart with notes of Rose de Mai and Jasmine from Grasse, a signature of Patou’s perfumes. The bottle, designed by architect Louis Süe, is pure in its lines and is decorated with gold leafs and gold thread around the stopper.  

Joy, de Jean Patou. Fue creada en el año 1929, desafiando los aires de la Gran Depresión norteamericana con notas opulentas y ostentosas. El corazón de esta fragancia es un banquete de Jazmín de Grasse y Rose de Mai, combinación caraterística de los perfumes de Patou. Su botella, diseñada por el arquitecto Louis Süe, es de líneas simples y puras. Está delicadamente decorada con hilo y hojas de oro.  


A spring breeze caresses the Northern Hemisphere. Vent Vert is a classic green floral fragrance, an expression of freedom after the war. It was modern and bold when it was launched in 1947 by French fashion designer Pierre Balmain.

Vent Vert, a floral green fragrance launched in 1947 by Pierre Balmain. Perfumer: Germaine Cellier. Drawing by René Gruau. 

Aires de Primavera. Vent Vert es una fragancia clásica con notas florales verdes. Audaz y moderna en su momento, logró captar la expresión de libertad de la posguerra. Lanzada en 1947 por el diseñador francés Pierre Balmain.


Anaïs Anaïs a floral muguet (lily of the valley) scent launched in 1978 by Cacharel. Romantic innocence mixed with sensuality. Perfumer: Roger Pellegrino

Anaïs Anaïs es un perfume floral (muguet). Lanzado al mercado en 1978 por Cacharel, revela una mezcla de inocencia y sensualidad. 


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