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'Mon pays, c'est Paris'

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'Mon pays, c'est Paris'


Dreaming of Paris today. They city, the idea of it, the fragrance... No matter how you look at it, Paris is always an inspiring love affaire

YSL Paris Fragrance Ad

As we are mostly scent driven at FRASSAÏ, thinking of Paris makes us think of the fragrance, Paris d'Yves Saint Laurent, which was created over 30 years ago by IFF perfumer Sophia Grojsman.

You might wonder where Josephine Baker comes in (thumbnail photo). Well, back in 1983, which seems terribly far away, Yves Saint Laurent launched his new fragrance at the end of a runway show. The new fragrance was presented to the beat of 'Mon pays, c'est Paris', a song made famous by Josephine. The model, who presented the fragrance as she walked down the catwalk, carried a giant bottle of the new perfume and wore a feathery ostrich dress like the one Josephine has in the photo. Other models ensued, carrying dozes of beautiful roses, which were to become the image of the fragrance along with the Eiffel Tower. Paris, for women in love. Rose of course was the scent and the color that Saint Laurent chose to pay homage to the women he adored. 

On the nose: a tribute to rose. A floral woody composition with fresh top notes and a powdery background. It opens with sparkling notes of bergamot, juniper, mimosa and geranium; followed by creamy violet and rose in the heart. Damascus rose and May rose give the lush floral signature of this feminine yet nostalgic fragrance. On the dry-down a wonderful mix of sandalwood, iris, amber and musk.

The bottle was designed by Alain de Mourgues. "I wanted the feeling to be young, happy, very exuberant," he said. Keeping in mind that Paris is the "City of Light," his bottle design reflected this sparkling feeling with its many facets. To top it off, a cut diamond stopper. 

If we were to choose a material for this perfume, it would be rose gold, and this Fragrance Flacon Necklace

We leave you a video of Edith Piaf's Les Amants de Paris (Lovers for a Day) to get inspired and into the Parisian mood.