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A story so riveting that it inspires a perfume. Teisenddu Fragrance Review by Cafleurebon



What happens when a true historical and family story is so riveting that it inspires a #perfume? And the #fragrance is every good as the tale? @frassai #teisenddu composed by #roxannekirkpatrick a young #Givaudan perfumer who studied with #oliviergillotin met #nataliaouteda in NY and two powerful women cocreated an equally powerful #fragrance. Based on a tale of the clipper ship Mimosa that brought 153 #welsh people to #patagoniaargentina in 1865, the scent is named for the #tortanegra of Natalia's youth. This darkly gourmand perfume is more than a sweet treat, complex with mossy, leathery and a nod to #mimosa. As summer wanes and we crave cozy scents this is one you will want in your collection.

Frassai Teisenddu Perfume Wales to Patagonia Cafleurebon Fragrance Review

@idameister reviews for #cafleurebon #ataleoftwocountries soon available @osmeperfumery

Imagine my surprise when I opened a recent package from Natalia Outeda of Frassaï and discovered that one of her two latest fragrances (A Fuego Lento by Rodrigo Flores-Roux) revolved around an aromatic historical skein linking Wales and Patagonia! Words fail. The further I delved into the story, the more astounded I became. The icing on the cake: this perfume is marvelous, and it bears in its wake a perfumer with whom I am unfamiliar. Trifecta time. (Disclaimer of sorts: I harbor an immoderate fondness for Wales and all things Welsh including the Welsh themselves). First and foremost, let’s look at the relationship which evolved between Natalia and young Givaudan perfumer Roxanne Kirkpatrick. Back in her New York office, Natalia and Roxanne used to explore fragrant materials together. Roxanne commenced her career as a lab technician for Olivier Gillotin (the perfumer who created Frassaï Tían Di) – and then went on to graduate from perfumery school in France. Natalia intuitively felt that her native Utah roots provided the perfumer with an appreciation “of ‘rural’ knowledge needed to translate the Welsh odyssey to Patagonia”. It only augmented Natalia’s pleasure that here was her first collaboration with a young adventurous perfumer who happened to be a woman.

Frassaï Teisenddu is darkly gourmand and wonderfully in keeping with the confection itself; it’s rich and delicious. Fluffy it is not. The density of molasses (that which renders brown sugar brown sugar!) and rum are perfectly complicit when nutmeg and bitter orange join the festivities. Juniper (it feels like berries, not needles) contributes both a compote-like fruitiness and a mossy note which allies felicitously with leathery tones. Mimosa is a fragrant wink to the clipper ship; its honeyed anisic presence serves to lift the entire composition of Frassaï Teisenddu  somewhat while providing extra gourmandise to the perfumed equation.

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