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Sucre 1461, timbre 16
Belgrano, Buenos Aires


Independent niche perfume house. Vegan and cruelty free fragrances New York, vegan luxury candles | Buenos Aires meets New York | FRASSAI | With a sensorial approach to design, each piece is conceived to evoke the senses. Our fine scented candles and eau de parfum collection will transport you through meaningful personal scented journeys

Modern fragrance and jewelry house | Buenos Aires and New York | FRASSAI

We share our inspiration as we embark on a journey of fragrance, art and beauty. Discover our indie perfume and candle lines, fragrance reviews and our own creative journey. Embark on this sensorial experience with us and stimulate your imagination

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Perfumes como ciudades en un mapa, por Paula Cañón


Perfumes como ciudades en un mapa

Paula Cañón

Blondine es el perfume de "entre mundos" para mí, de una ciudad llena de luces y flores y bailes y fiestas de la corte, pero es también la ciudad de las puertas, porque tiene callejones y umbrales y espejos que te llevan a mundos peligrosos si das un paso sin darte cuenta. Es muy cuento de hadas, es el parque plácido en el que Alicia ve de pronto a un conejo mirando un reloj, es el cielo con cometas de la noche de fin de julio en la que un gato lee un mapa en la puerta de Privet Drive, es el aroma del ropero que da a Narnia.

Tian Di, por su parte, es una ciudad monumental, donde te podes cruzar con héroes míticos, sacerdotisas, derviches y sabios, donde se deciden las cosas importantes. Ahí crece el árbol eterno, por ahí corre el río que lleva a todas partes, en sus bibliotecas están todos los libros que se escribieron y se van a escribir, y en una de sus torres de cristal se guardan los nombres de todas las cosas.

A fuego lento es la ciudad de eternos atardeceres rosados y perfectos. Rodeada de huertos fragantes, en ella se pueden oír casi siempre el murmullo de agua entre las azucenas salvajes y el sonido de las copas de cristal, y el latido del corazón de las flores que se abren y de los amantes que se dicen secretos efímeros que son para siempre. Es la ciudad del amor, por supuesto.


Teissendu es una ciudad hecha de piedra, delicada y fuerte, espontánea y perfectamente planeada, poblada de exploradores, investigadores y aventureros. Por su cielo pasan viajeros en globo, en las calles se venden mapas de todos los mundos, es una ciudad de inviernos largos y veranos explosivos, de jardines caóticos que se estudian con cuidado, de aprendizaje y de inventos, y de despensas llenas de mermeladas y licores hechos de flores y frutas fantásticas. Es la ciudad de las historias y si por mí fuera, en esa ciudad cada persona tendría un animal protector, como en La brújula dorada.

Take a Porteño Journey


It’s no secret that we are obsessed with the magic of Buenos aires. If you’ve ever been to the city, you know there is a “no sé qué” that makes it truly special and hard to forget. From hidden shops to a vast offer of cafés, the warmth of its inhabitants and its eternal blue skies, Buenos Aires welcomes you time and again.


Teatro Colón Buenos Aires - Frassaï

Regarded as one of the finest in the world, Teatro Colón surprises you with its arquitectural beauty as you walk through the center of the city. Its gorgeous façade and interiors hide a magical underworld filled with rehearsal rooms, scenography art, and workshops for tailors, shoemakers, and stylists.

Teatro Colon arana.jpg
Teatro Colón el telón @frassai Buenos Aires


Ph: Casa_PopUp

Ph: Casa_PopUp

A hidden concept store in the beautiful Olivos area. Right out of the city and just meters away from the water, Casa PopUp offers a carefully curated selection of artists and designers from Argentina and Brazil. Natalia is planning a special event at Casa PopUp this March. Stay tuned for more details.


A new way to wear perfume. The Porteño Necklaces were designed in collaboration with local artist Silvia Azpiazu. Made of genuine Argentine leather they establish a balance between the rough and the fragile. Spray liberally with your favorite FRASSAÏ fragrance. Available this March. Sign up for early access and a special gift.

There is something to be said about slowing down and connecting with the invisible. There is transformation in each drop that touches your skin. There is more for those in search of unique experiences.

Ph: TinaB Photography

Ph: TinaB Photography

"If it were music I’d loop it endlessly"


Photo and text via  @everdandysilverfox  

Photo and text via @everdandysilverfox 

"Skinlove #tiandi @frassai new fox favourite from sensual jewellery & perfume house founded by Argentine @natalia_ou Fine jewellery must configure a unique relationship with skin in order to succeed, something many jewellers neglect, this connection to flesh, heat and reflection, the mutability of pieces. • • Natalia was born in Buenos Aries, relocating to NYC when she was young before returning to Argentina in 2012. A background in fine fragrance creation and floristry led to the creation of Frassaï and now a trio of fine perfumes launching last year. These are graceful compositions with a sense of luxe architecture to them. Lush trembling #veranoporteño by Rodrigo Flores-Roux is sublime and there is creamy gourmand #blondine by Yann Vasnier who always imparts a flare of 80’s Polaroid to his compositions. • • My favourite is Tian Di, by Olivier Gillotin who made 10 Corso Como, Balenciaga’s Cristobal and Tom Ford’s Tobacco Vanille. Wow…!!...the dirty smoked peach tea rush at the star is glorious. If it were music I’d loop it endlessly. Underlying this peachiness is a mordancy of chrysanthemums; petals finger-crushed. • • One of my favourite parts of Tian Di is a whisper of vintage cigarettes dipped in peach liquor; this ghost-tobacco perhaps the flow of Tonkin musk through smoke. Whatever it is, before it leaves, it is heavenly. Then a sudden muting, a sense of dust and cracked sandalwood. Delicate peach tea gently brewed with Chinese spices and fumed with incense. Galbanum and orris add mulch and powder to a scent that reaches quietly from earth to heaven. Tian Di lasts for hours on the skin, soft and tremulous, but it is there, almost beyond reach and then you catch it, like a sudden unexpected memory. •"

Women who Inspire!


To celebrate International Woman's Day, I thought I'd share some of the women who inspire me on a daily basis. We all shine brighter when we lift each other up. Who inspires you?

Tina ~ Photographer

Tina ~ Photographer

Tina is a New York photographer. An unfulfilling career in finance led her to a creative field where she can express her true passion for life. 

Tina wears Blondine and burns Gustav while taking a bath. 

Christine ~ Coach

Christine ~ Coach

Christine is a lifestyle coach and the founder of ana-hob beauty along with her sister Kim. She has the most uplifting smile I have ever seen! She is always looking to support and enlighten other women. And with her new coaching practice she is doing this more than ever! 

Christine wears Verano Porteño & Tian Di and lights up Ada in her sunny Tampa home.

Luba ~ Entrepreneur

Luba ~ Entrepreneur

Luba is the founder of Born on Bowery, handcrafted children & mommy accessories. A most stylish woman, she always surprises me with her beautiful new creations.

Luba wears Verano Porteño & burns Bebel in her NYC home. 

Roxanne Kirkpatrick Hunter ~ Perfumer

Roxanne Kirkpatrick Hunter ~ Perfumer

From Utah to Paris with a long layover in New York, Roxanne has relentlessly pursued her dream of becoming a nose. From our days smelling raw materials together in New York to collaborating on a candle collection, we have seen each other's journeys evolve. We are now developing a very special fragrance together that will be launching later this year (you heard it first!)

Roxanne burns Marlene, Clifford and Ada, three of her candle creations for FRASSAÏ.

Lisa ~ WOWA

Lisa ~ WOWA

Boss lady Lisa is the founder of The Style Theory and of We Are Women Owned community. We serendipitously met at a Work Sesh in Brooklyn days before our pop-up event last October. Lisa is dedicated to serving and honoring women succeed in their ventures.

She wears Verano Porteño

Irina ~ nose

Irina ~ nose

Although she is modeling Frassaï's Nüwa collection, Irina is actually a nose. We first met in the perfumery world over a decade ago. She is incredibly generous and profoundly talented. A true gem of a mother, professional and friend. 

When not wearing one of her own perfume creations, Irina wears Tian Di. She also burns Ada candles in her adopted Hong Kong (and always has a snuffer around because her son loves putting candles out!). She can often be seen walking around with many our jewelry pieces. 

Who inspires you? 

The Noses Behind Frassaï's New Perfume Collection: Rodrigo Flores-Roux, Yann Vasnier, Olivier Gillotin


Fragrance is harmony and I believe in letting the essence of each fragrance come through in harmony. In creating my perfume collection, I appealed to the soul and style of each of the noses I worked with.
— Natalia

Rodrigo Flores-Roux •  VERANO PORTEÑO

“To me, fragrance is all about the quest for beauty, pleasure and perfection” 
“My love for flowers and for my native country, Mexico, gives me an infinite source of inspiration.”
Rodrigo Flores-Roux

Rodrigo Flores-Roux

Rodrigo is masterful with white florals, and I immediately knew that if I was to capture the spirit of the jasmine scent that infuses Buenos Aires during summer, he would understand exactly how. His rich Mexican heritage and relentless quest for beauty were key to interpreting this feeling. We played with beautiful citrus notes from Italy, paying homage to the Italian immigrants that came to my country and also to Astor Piazzolla, whose tango the fragrance is named after. The radiant top notes mimic the morning sun, when the flowers bloom. The delicacy and freshness of this parfum are deliberate, as a soft summer breeze that caresses your skin. 

Olivier Gillotin • TIAN DI

"Many of my fragrance experiences are souvenirs of the past, taken from distant places, journeys and life experiences."
"A perfume is a piece of art, where the harmony of the perfume has to work within a space and time."
Olivier Gillotin

Olivier Gillotin

Tian DiHeaven and Earth, was inspired by my practices of Taoism. It was important to reflect the spiritual and ritualistic nature of these internal practices. The image of the journey invites us to discover unknown territories and also the landscapes within ourselves. 

Yann Vasnier • BLONDINE

“Perfume has been the biggest adventure of my life, taking me around the world, but it has all started in my family’s garden in Brittany” 
" I experiment a lot, but I always add a touch of classical elegance.”
Yann Vasnier Perfumer Blondine

Yann and I worked together on many fun projects. His French style always carries a dose of originality and sexiness. In Blondine, there is something that captivates you right away. The soft nuances of the gourmand and animal notes are brought to life with captivating florals. No one better than Yann to capture the magic of this French fairy tale. Although the perfume is a big floral named after a beautiful young blond girl, I find that this fragrance is extremely well worn by men. 


How do you describe Scent? Understand and Gain Insight into Perfume


Unlike with music, art or fashion, no true formal vocabulary has been established to explain and describe fragrance. The terminology used will vary from person to person. And although there is consensus on certain terms, some others are still disputed even by renowned fragrance industry connoisseurs. Ask two experts and you may receive different responses. 

Why is it so important to know how to describe scent?

It is a language, like many others. One that will allow us to to express our desires and communicate better. 

Have you heard the terms "head" "heart" "base"? - Did they leave you wondering what this really meant? 

Perfume is an accord, similar to a musical accord, and it's visualized in 3 parts: 

Head ~ Heart ~ Base

Olfactie Pyramid



The head or top notes represent the first 15' minutes of evaporation of a fragrance. This is the period that provides freshness and sparkle.


The heart or middle notes normally account for the following 3 to 4 hours. These are the ingredients that give personality or character to a fragrance.


The base represents the final 4 to 5 hours of the perfume, the notes that give a scent tenacity and depth.

Raw Materials in their pyramid structure

Raw Materials in their pyramid structure

Among the top notes of a perfume we will find citrus, aromatics, greens, fruits, marine or ozonic notes, and aldehydes. Quite a range which will be perceived when we first spray a fragrance, which is normally when we decide whether we like it or not.

Moving on to the heart, we find florals, spices, woods and leather. And on the base, notes such as amber, musk, sweet/powdery and animal.

These 3 parts of a perfume form a complete structure. Each raw material will play a more or less significant role in the overall pyramid structure, giving way to the fragrance profile and olfactive family. and the intensity of each particular note

Some fragrances put emphasis on the head and less on the base notes, creating a lighter fragrance. One that puts more emphasis on the base notes while containing some heart notes, will be a heavier fragrance. There are many facets in between. Creativity is endless!

For instance, Chanel 5 has a top note that is dominated by an aldehydic accord and supported with a hint of citrus. The heart is floral and woody with a touch of spice. And at the base, we find vanilla and musk with a light animal accord. 

The component parts or raw material families which make up the perfume will determine the nature of a fragrance.

Curious to learn more? I'll be going more in depth about each of the fragrance families and some other aspects of perfume in the upcoming weeks. 


A Journey to immortality via @skinandscentsaga


"Tian Di, ultimately, captivated me so tenderly & so demurely. Bright & crisp opening, green tannins of Ti Kuan Yin (not listed specifically, yet consistently conjured) uniquely support both zesty floral and leathery elements. Delightful, contemplative, memorable. Remarkable unpretentiousness - no superficial exoticism detected."

Image via @skinandscentsaga

Image via @skinandscentsaga

Frassaï, a modern jewelry & fragrance house debuted with three creations, and each is essentially representing a particular olfactory chronotope.

Blondine - a character in French fairy tales by Madame D'Aulnoy (available via Google Play for free) and by Comtesse de Ségur, aka Sophie Rostopchine. 

Verano Porteño - archetypal summer lushness of Buenos Aires.

Tian Di - heavenly feast, Pantao hui, in the peach garden of Xiwangmu, Queen Mother of the West. Peach is the symbol of immortality & transcendental virtue. Tian Di, ultimately, captivated me so tenderly & so demurely. Bright & crisp opening, green tannins of Ti Kuan Yin (not listed specifically, yet consistently conjured) uniquely support both zesty floral and leathery elements. Delightful, contemplative, memorable. Remarkable unpretentiousness - no superficial exoticism detected.

#Frassai #TianDi #PantaoHui #蟠桃會#OlivierGillotin #Xiwangmu #西王母#ChineseHeritage#QueenMotherOfTheWest#PeachSymbolism #Fragrance#ScentedDaily #SensualStamina#SensorialSynergy #FragrantPairings#BookPairing #Bookwormsta#ScentedJourney #SensorialExperience#OlfactoryChronotope #OlfactoryImages#OlfactoryInterpretations#TravelWithYourNose #DecemberScents#BeautyWithinAndWithout #BeautyPDX#BeautyPNW #AmericanPerspective 

O'Keeffe + Bones


Georgia O'Keeffe, although better known for her paintings of flowers, in this video she's seen collecting bones and translating them into paintings.

A while ago I made this bone and bronze necklace. It started as a jewelry exercise on the 'prehistoric' era, and the purpose was to gather inspiration from that time and use materials and jewelry techniques that were used back then.

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