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Independent niche perfume house. Vegan and cruelty free fragrances New York, vegan luxury candles | Buenos Aires meets New York | FRASSAI | With a sensorial approach to design, each piece is conceived to evoke the senses. Our fine scented candles and eau de parfum collection will transport you through meaningful personal scented journeys

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We share our inspiration as we embark on a journey of fragrance, art and beauty. Discover our indie perfume and candle lines, fragrance reviews and our own creative journey. Embark on this sensorial experience with us and stimulate your imagination

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A Reflection on Christmas, Light and Incense


On smoke, light and perfume | De humo, luz y perfume

On smoke, light and perfume

In ancient times, incense was of capital importance during religious rituals. The smoke produced by the combustion of fragrant substances -mainly resins- was supposed to elevate prayers away from the people and reach the corresponding deities in high heavens. The origin of perfume is intrinsically related to smoke, even by ethymology: the word “perfume” derives from the Latin “per-fumum” which means, precisely, “through smoke”. Frankincense, copal, guaiac and myrrh are still used all over the world, their smoke considered to have purifying properties.

Candles, instead, are not about smoke but about light. In fact, they shouldn't produce smoke or soot. Although candles might also be used ritualistically they, somehow, convey less solemnity and austerity than incense. Maybe what we find fascinating is the warm glow of the flame, imparting its serenity to everyone around. This feeling is heightened in the case of scented candles, fragrance adding its powers to light. Perhaps there's something atavistic in the fire itself, like a minimalistic version of a bonfire. It is as common to make a wish when lighting a candle as it is to do so when blowing out the candles of a birthday cake.

You can learn more about candles and how to light them properly by visiting the FAQs and Precautions section on our webpage.

De humo, luz y perfume

En la antigüedad, el incienso era de capital importancia durante los rituales religiosos. El humo producido por la combustión de sustancias fragantes -principalmente resinas- tenía por tarea elevar a los cielos las plegarias lejos de las personas y llegar a las deidades correspondientes. El origen del perfume está intrínsecamente relacionado con el humo, incluso por etimología: la palabra “perfume” deriva del Latín “per-fumum” que quiere decir, precisamente, “a través del humo”. Olíbano, copal, guayacán y mirra son, aún hoy, usados en el mundo entero, ya que se considera que su humo tiene propiedades purificadoras.

Las velas, en cambio, poco tienen que ver con el humo sino con la luz. De hecho, no deberían emitir humo ni hollín. Aunque las velas se emplean también de manera ritual, en cierto modo comunican menos solemnidad y austeridad que el incienso. Quizás lo que encontramos fascinante sea el cálido resplandor de la vela, que imparte su serenidad en derredor. Esta sensación se ve realzada en el caso de las velas perfumadas, ya que la fragancia suma sus poderes a la luz. Tal vez haya algo atávico en el fuego mismo, como si se tratara de la versión minimalista de una hoguera. Es tan corriente pedir un deseo al encender una vela como hacerlo cuando se apagan las velas de una torta de cumpleaños.

Podés aprender más sobre velas y cómo encenderlas correctamente visitando las secciones de FAQs y Precauciones de nuestra webpage.

How to make candles last longer


Make your candles smell better and last longer

Photo: BoweryMuse

Photo: BoweryMuse

The DOS and DON'TS of candle burning

Don't you wish your scented candles lasted forever? Follow these tips and make them last longer. Plus, prevent black soot, tunneling and improve fragrance throw!


Burn your candle at least two hours on first use

To get the most of your candle, allow the top wax layer to melt fully on first use. This means that you will need to burn your candle for at least two hours when first lighting it. 

Use the right tools

Trim the wick. The longer your wick, the faster your candle will consume. Trimming the wick is key to making it last longer. It also prevents smoke and ensures your candle is burning as tested. We suggest keeping it at the same length as when new, or about a quarter of an inch. Trim every time you use your candle. This will increase its life by 25%.  

Re-center the wick after each burn

If your wick has shifted, it will be burning closer to the glass edge than intended. Re-center it while the wax is still liquid (wait a few minutes for it to cool of first). Re-centering will prevent soot stains from blackening the glass.  

Keep it Clean

If the glass turns black, gently wipe off the stains with a wet tissue or cotton pad. Glass may turn black if you burn the candle too long, so put out the candle after 3 or 4 hours. The scent will still linger!

Reuse your candle glass

The good news is that your candle container can be repurposed. After the candle has burnt completely, simply submerge in warm soapy water.  The remaining wax will pop up. Rinse the glass and dry. Use it to hold flowers or beauty brushes. 

Photo: Yoga Bunny NYC

Photo: Yoga Bunny NYC

Keep dust off when not in use

Keeping the lid on your candle when not in use will prevent dust from forming. A glass dome can also be a stylish way to display your candle at home. 

5 candle burning tips


Want to get more out of your scented candle?

If you want your candle to last longer without the tunneling or soot while improving fragrance throw, read on, we have a few tips for you. 

1. Trim the wick

It is such a simple trick yet so many tend to overlook this piece. Trimming the wick of your candle to 1/4" before the first lighting and each time the candle is relit can increase its duration by 25%. This can make a big difference. Your 50-hour candle will last over 60 hours. That's a full month of daily scent for way less than your regular cup of Joe.  

Tools to trim: we love this engraved copper wick trimmer.

2. Keep it clean

Make sure the wick and wax pool are clean at all times. This will prevent candle smoke from forming while improving fragrance throw, the scent that is diffused in the air as the candle burns. 

Never drop your used matches into the candle; this debris can become a second wick, creating two flames and excessive heat. 

3. How long is too long?

For best results, burn candles for 2 to 4 hours. Resist the urge to light for less, extinguishing the flame before the pool has fully melted will create a tunnel. 

If you wish to experience your scent for longer than 4 hours, consider extinguishing the candle, letting the wax cool off and then relighting. You will notice that even when the candle is off the scent still lingers in the air. 

Try our chic copper snuffer to extinguish the flame.

4. Why is my candle leaving wax on the sides of the glass as it burns?

"Tunneling", or wax not being burned to the edge, may occur if the candle is lit and extinguished before the pool of melted wax has formed. Burn your candle for a minimum of 3-4 hours the first time, and 2 hours in successive lightings to ensure that a sufficient wax pool is created. 

5. Get centered

Gently center the wick once the wax has cooled off a bit. This will prevent blackening of the glass.

Do not despair, if the glass is dirty, just wipe it off gently with a dry cloth. Make sure the candle is extinguished first. Next time, make sure you let the candle burn until the wax pool is fully melted. 

Safety is important too. 

Always burn candles on a heat resistant surface, away from wind draughts and things that can catch fire. Keep away from children. Read our candle safety instructions here.

Now lighting a scented candle will be a more pleasurable experience. 




National Fragrance Day


Frassaï Ada Scented Candle

Happy National Fragrance Day!

To celebrate, we are giving away a FRASSAÏ scented candle to one lucky winner. Share your #scentmemories with us and see how to participate below!

All you need to enter is:
1. Follow @frassai on Instagram
2. Tag a friend in the comments of the post
3. Sign up for our newsletter

Perk ✨: share your scent memories with hashtag #sensorialexperience on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram for an additional chance to #win • Make sure you're following and tag @frassai

Winners will be chosen on Monday March 27.

While we welcome everyone around the world to participate, we can only provide free shipping in the U.S. and Argentina. Good luck!

Smoke Gets in Your Eyes


Do you have a weekend ritual? We find that Friday sets the mood for the weekend ahead. It's a good opportunity to stop and contemplate, leave some things on our list aside for next week...

Burning traditional incense and lighting a candle can get us to that desired place. The incense we are burning now was brought back from a temple in Beijing, China and blends beautifully with our most spiritual scented candle: CLIFFORD, in honor to American jazz trumpeter Clifford Brown

Clifford Brown amazed his peers with his ability to blend technique with emotion to create a rich, full sound that earned him praise as the "preeminent trumpeter." (Source:

Sacred resins and noble woods burn while swirls of smoke elevate towards high heavens in homage to the deities of jazz. The golden warmth of amber and suede pair with the subtle smoky scent of incense and a touch of spicy saffron

Fragrance Notes: saffron, incense, elemi, oakmoss, suede

This highly luxurious candle was created in collaboration with perfumer Roxanne Kirkpatrick and is available here

Listen to the mesmerizing sounds of Clifford Brown's trumpet and read more about his short but masterful life here.

Smoke Gets in your Eyes. Clifford Brown with Strings 1955 studio album. 


The #NextGeneration Nose


Meet Roxanne, the talented nose and #NextGenPerfumer behind three of our candle scents. She was recently interviewed by Eddie Bulliqi for Fragrantica, an online magazine and community for perfume lovers.

"Working with naturals is emotional for me; you can feel the soul and depth of the scent with every breath  ...This is where I feel a strong emotional connection and passion for creation."

Read the full interview: FRAGRANTICA


MARLENE - An ambiguous creamy leather 

ADA - A sultry dew-covered gardenia 

CLIFFORD - An elegant and contemplative incense 

Roxanne Kirkpatrick #NextGenPerfumer

Roxanne Kirkpatrick #NextGenPerfumer

"I hope to create the type of fragrances that push boundaries, and make waves. This is the way I try to think when approaching projects – how can I do this in a different and unexpected way?"

The flower that will make you swoon


Ylang Ylang Moheli

Ylang Ylang Moheli

Precious Ylang Ylang grows in the lush forests of the Comoros islands, off the south coast of Africa. It is rich and buttery, with a delicious sweet floral fragrance and a soft touch of spice.

The tree originated in the Philippines, where it was named the "flower of flowers" due to its magnificent beauty. The delicate blooms are handpicked at dawn and must be distilled within two hours. It takes 50 kilos of flowers to yield 1kg of ylang ylang essence.  

BEBEL, created by renowned perfumer Yann Vasnier, features Ylang Ylang from Moheli, the smallest of the Comoros islands. The sunny flower is carefully paired with lovely Star Magnolia, crisp pear d’Anjou, white peonies, creamy sandalwood and musks. 




Discover our full candle range here

Source: Givaudan

Givaudan supports the local Moheli community through education and planting of trees while preserving traditional production techniques

How to pick the perfect candle


There's a myriad of scented candles to choose from. So how do you pick the perfect one for you? Here are a few tips that will help you nail your selection. 

  • What does it smell like?

The most important factor when selecting your candle is scent. Start by identifying the fragrances you enjoy. If you're not sure, think of what inspires you. Is it a walk in a garden filled with fresh flowers on a warm summer evening? Then you might enjoy the scent of ADA with notes of gardenia, jasmine, Diamond Star freesia, white violet and dewy green leaves. Or perhaps you prefer the smell of your best friend's leather jacket, with a hint of whisky and creamy vanilla notes, like in MARLENE. Whatever tickles your fancy, begin by identifying your olfactive profile. Take a look at what smells you like to surround yourself with and start playing. It may not be the same for your office as for your home, which takes us to... 

  • What is the occasion? 

If your goal is to get lost in a passionate evening, then you might enjoy GUSTAV, with fiery spices and animalic notes that add the perfect amount of sexiness. On the other hand, if fragrance is part of your ritual to disconnect when you get home, then CLIFFORD is your boy. Its smooth suede-like trumpet will transport you with notes of incense and the golden warmth of amber.

If candles are a way to decorate your home, choose a design that matches your maison and lifestyle. You can go minimal chic with white glass or choose a lavish copper vessel like this one, which is sure to make a statement and grab your dinner guests' attention. 

Scent can also make you travel far and wide, bringing memories from your past, or better yet, taking you places you've never been to. Think of the dreamy beaches of Brazil where bossa nova sounds mix with guava infused drinks, like in BEBEL. Exotic, right? Let's take a look at ingredients then. 

  • What kind of raw materials are in it?  

Not all candles were created equal. Some feature rich ingredients like jasmine absolute, exotic ylang ylang, dark oak, luscious agarwood (read, oud) and suede. Think quality, richness, and luxurious ingredients that are good for your nose. Don't always judge a candle by its cover. Content is always important. Wax composition is also up for consideration. Vegetal blend wax offers an environment-friendly option that is better than paraffin. 

  • Who created the scents? 

We are extra proud of our fragrance collection, which was developed with two talented noses, Yann Vasnier and Roxanne Kirkpatrick. They share our vision for excellence and know what it takes to create a great smelling scent. We will be sharing more about our perfumers in the future. 

If you are ready to discover your perfect candle, head over here. To learn more about the fragrance ritual and discover the world of fragrance, click here

Gifts for Mom


Delight her with the gift of scent

Celebrate mom with a gift she'll love. Our luxurious scented candles are made of a vegetal wax blend and burn for over 50 hours.  

Choose between a lush white floral with notes of gardenia and dewy green leaves, a soft fruity floral with notes of pear d'Anjou, ylang ylang, peonies and musks or a sumptuous creamy leather with vanilla, leather, narcissus and dark oak. 

Inspired by music and its legends, our candle collection nods to the intensity of opera, the swing of jazz, the carefree hum of bossa nova... Each candle comes in chic white glass and can be housed in our lavish copper and lenga wood holder. Five luxurious candles create five distinct moods. 

Our candle snuffer in rose gold is not only a beautiful compliment to the candles but also makes for a stylish gift. 

Learn more about the candle ritual and view other chic candle accessories.

Our Candles are here!


ADA, BEBEL, CLIFFORD, GUSTAV and MARLENE are now available in chic white glass, which can be housed in our exclusive copper holder for an even more lavish option.

Our special blend vegetal wax, 50+ hour burn time and exquisite fragrances will take you from the intensity of opera to the swing of jazz to the carefree hum of bossa nova.  

We invite you to embark on this scented experience with us! 



ADA, BEBEL, CLIFFORD, GUSTAV y MARLENE ahora se presentan en elegante vidrio blanco que puede ser colocado en el soporte de cobre exclusivo de FRASSAÏ para una opción aún más hedonista.

Nuestra mezcla especial de cera vegetal, un tiempo de consumo de 50+ horas y fragancias exquisitas te llevarán de la intensidad de la ópera al murmullo despreocupado de la bossa nova pasando por el ritmo del jazz.

Te invitamos a embarcarte en esta experiencia olfativa 



Fragrance ritual


FRASSAI Candle Ritual

Few things feel more liberating than coming home from the hostilities of the outside world and kicking off your shoes. Change into something more comfortable, pour yourself your favorite drink -be it scotch or green tea- and dim the lights. Music is essential. Choose a candle according to the atmosphere you'd like to create. Is it the fiery eroticism of musk you are after? Or would the serene chastity of a fruity floral suit the occasion better? Perhaps incense and woods will provide the austere setting you need to meditate. Trim the wick and light it with intention. Let the fragrance fill the air and put you under its spell. Breathe deeply and feel how the room slowly becomes transformed into an ideal place.

Nota bene: Please read our safety and precaution tips in order to obtain the best performance from your candle


Pocas cosas se sienten más liberadoras que volver a casa de las hostilidades del mundo exterior y descalzarse. Ponete algo más cómodo, servite tu bebida preferida -sea whisky escocés o té verde- y atenuá las luces. La música es esencial. Elegí una vela de acuerdo al clima que querés crear. ¿Estás buscando el erotismo fogoso del almizcle? ¿O la castidad de un delicado floral afrutado sienta mejor a la ocasión? ¿Quizás el incienso y las maderas pueden brindar el entorno sereno que necesitás para meditar? Recortá el pabilo y encendelo con intención. Dejá que la fragancia llene el aire y permitite caer bajo su encanto. Respirá profundamente y sentí cómo de a poco la habitación se transforma en un lugar ideal.

Nota bene: Por favor leé nuestras precauciones de seguridad y preguntas frecuentes para obtener los mejores resultados de tu vela. Iría con link a las precautions and faqs.

Scented Candles


We are excited to unveil our new collection of scented candles at Elements @Capsule in New York. Embark upon a new sensorial experience!

Estamos felices de presentar nuestra nueva colección de velas perfumadas en Elements @Capsule en New York ¡Embarcate en una nueva experiencia sensorial!