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How do you describe Scent? Understand and Gain Insight into Perfume


Unlike with music, art or fashion, no true formal vocabulary has been established to explain and describe fragrance. The terminology used will vary from person to person. And although there is consensus on certain terms, some others are still disputed even by renowned fragrance industry connoisseurs. Ask two experts and you may receive different responses. 

Why is it so important to know how to describe scent?

It is a language, like many others. One that will allow us to to express our desires and communicate better. 

Have you heard the terms "head" "heart" "base"? - Did they leave you wondering what this really meant? 

Perfume is an accord, similar to a musical accord, and it's visualized in 3 parts: 

Head ~ Heart ~ Base

Olfactie Pyramid



The head or top notes represent the first 15' minutes of evaporation of a fragrance. This is the period that provides freshness and sparkle.


The heart or middle notes normally account for the following 3 to 4 hours. These are the ingredients that give personality or character to a fragrance.


The base represents the final 4 to 5 hours of the perfume, the notes that give a scent tenacity and depth.

Raw Materials in their pyramid structure

Raw Materials in their pyramid structure

Among the top notes of a perfume we will find citrus, aromatics, greens, fruits, marine or ozonic notes, and aldehydes. Quite a range which will be perceived when we first spray a fragrance, which is normally when we decide whether we like it or not.

Moving on to the heart, we find florals, spices, woods and leather. And on the base, notes such as amber, musk, sweet/powdery and animal.

These 3 parts of a perfume form a complete structure. Each raw material will play a more or less significant role in the overall pyramid structure, giving way to the fragrance profile and olfactive family. and the intensity of each particular note

Some fragrances put emphasis on the head and less on the base notes, creating a lighter fragrance. One that puts more emphasis on the base notes while containing some heart notes, will be a heavier fragrance. There are many facets in between. Creativity is endless!

For instance, Chanel 5 has a top note that is dominated by an aldehydic accord and supported with a hint of citrus. The heart is floral and woody with a touch of spice. And at the base, we find vanilla and musk with a light animal accord. 

The component parts or raw material families which make up the perfume will determine the nature of a fragrance.

Curious to learn more? I'll be going more in depth about each of the fragrance families and some other aspects of perfume in the upcoming weeks. 


The flower of flowers - Ylang Ylang


Ylang ylang - the flower of flowers - is an exotic flower with a delicious sweet scent and a touch of spiciness. Its name, which seems to repeat itself, places emphasis on the beauty of the flower, thus calling it "the flower of flowers."

ylang ylang

 Sweet smelling Ylang Ylang

The precious yellow flower grows in the lush forests of the Comoros islands, off the south coast of Africa. The petals are handpicked by the women in the local community, providing work and insuring the sustainability of the process. This is part of the ethical sourcing efforts of Givaudan, a world-renowned fragrance supplier. 

Woman handpicking Ylang Ylang in Moheli

Woman handpicking ylang ylang blooms in the island of Mohéli. The colorful clothing paired with the rich yellow flower color create a paint-like image. (photo via Givaudan)

Ylang ylang is one of the main notes in our candle Bebel, giving richness and a buttery texture to the scent, which was created with nose Yann Vasnier. 

Discover our best-selling scented candle. A soft-spoken fruity floral with pinkish guava flesh, subtle green pears and immaculate white peonies come to life in a serene fragrance painted in pastel hues.