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Sucre 1461, timbre 16
Belgrano, Buenos Aires


Independent niche perfume house. Vegan and cruelty free fragrances New York, vegan luxury candles | Buenos Aires meets New York | FRASSAI | With a sensorial approach to design, each piece is conceived to evoke the senses. Our fine scented candles and eau de parfum collection will transport you through meaningful personal scented journeys

Modern fragrance and jewelry house | Buenos Aires and New York | FRASSAI

We share our inspiration as we embark on a journey of fragrance, art and beauty. Discover our indie perfume and candle lines, fragrance reviews and our own creative journey. Embark on this sensorial experience with us and stimulate your imagination

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Can't be Afraid of Powder Notes


frag_rants Frassai - Tian Di (2017) PEACHES, incense and sandalwood. That’s what I get here. With some powder from orris. This is very nice for spring. Although it is very versatile and can be worn year round. It does invoke spring to me though. To me this is a very juicy, ripe Peach with incense and sandalwood and iris sitting underneath. All blended together very smoothly! There are some other notes as well. Ginger, red chrysanthemum and olibanum. But I don’t get much of those to my nose. I personally think this fragrance suits a woman and I personally would want to smell it on a woman IMHO but that being said it can very easily be worn by a man because there is a bit of smoke from the Chinese Incense which lends to it being more unisex. I would say though you can’t be afraid of powder notes. It is very well put together, has good sillage(2-3 feet, 3-4 hours depending on temperature), and it lasted about 6-8 hours on my skin and after that it did become very close to the skin. Check out @frassai and click the link in their bio if you’re interested in more information on this and more of there offerings.