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Belgrano, Buenos Aires


Independent niche perfume house. Vegan and cruelty free fragrances New York, vegan luxury candles | Buenos Aires meets New York | FRASSAI | With a sensorial approach to design, each piece is conceived to evoke the senses. Our fine scented candles and eau de parfum collection will transport you through meaningful personal scented journeys

Modern fragrance and jewelry house | Buenos Aires and New York | FRASSAI

We share our inspiration as we embark on a journey of fragrance, art and beauty. Discover our indie perfume and candle lines, fragrance reviews and our own creative journey. Embark on this sensorial experience with us and stimulate your imagination

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Cata Olfativa en Buenos Aires


Video: @greenglassargentina Grabados: Eli Moreno Locación: Casa PopUp

Creating one-of-a-kind olfactive journeys is the result of vision and team work. It all starts with the selection of the most precious ingredients to create an olfactive harmony that will gain dimension as it interacts with your unique skin. Last week, Natalia shared her creative journey at CASA concept store in Buenos Aires. We have many more #sensorialexperiences to share with you this year. In the meantime, discover our collection in Buenos Aires (@frassai & @casa_popup), Miami (@osmeperfumery), Abu Dhabi (@limitedgallery) and of course, on We have a special gift offer for preorders of A Fuego Lento and Discovery Sets 👃🏼#buenosairesmeetsnewyork#scentedjourney 

fotos: Gonzalo Kramer

Un perfume de alta gama es el resultado de visión y creatividad, de la selección de los ingredientes más preciados para lograr una armonía perfecta que cobra dimensión al conectar con cada piel. La semana pasada nuestra fundadora @natalia_outeda dio una #cataolfativa en la tienda concepto @casa_popup Buenos Aires. Te gustó? Tenemos mucho más para compartir con vos este año.

Embarcá en un #viajesensorial y estimulá tu imaginación. Nuestros perfumes y #velasfrassai se encuentran disponibles exclusivamente en nuestro acogedor showroom de CABA, en CASA y por supuesto, en 

Concertá cita al 11.6003.8185 o

6 Latino-Owned Perfume Brands You Should Know


Thank you Alejandra and Remezcla. We’re so proud to be part of this #latinoowned list! Get your dose of Verano Porteño here or in Osme Perfumery Miami.  

With inspiration taken from a walk around Buenos Aires in the summer, Verano Porteño is what it says on the tin: a bright, sunny (citrusy) smell held down by a light jasmine. FRASSAÏ, which has the additional distinction of being woman-owned, has its only boutique in Buenos Aires, so you can almost picture summer air sweeping into the shop to inspire the perfume.

Frassai en Remezcla

Glass Magazine 10th Anniversary


"For Spring, it's time to embrace the light with some bright invigorating and sometimes joyously sensuous fragrances - with notes of citrus, figs, roses, jasmine and even some amber. Here is the Glass selection of our seasonal favourites". By Caroline Simpson

Glass 10th Anniversary Issue Spring 2019

Glass 10th Anniversary Issue Spring 2019

10. Frassai, Verano Porteño

From the brilliant Argentinian brand Frassai, Verano Porteño is vibrant, fresh and full of lively florals. With accents of cardamom, Calabrian bergamot, imperial jasmine and vetyver.

A spirited and tantalizing journey with Blondine


Day or night, this decadent and provocative fragrance will delight your senses with its soft, alluring and ethereal beauty.

▪️House: Frassai
▪️Type: Niche
▪️Country: Argentina 🇦🇷
▪️Group: Floral Musky Gourmand
▪️Category: Eau de Parfum
▪️Perfumer: Yann Vasnier
▪️Year: 2017
▪️Price: $130.00
▪️Size(s): 50 mL (1.7 fl oz)
▪️Season(s): Spring, Fall
🔹Notes: [Top] Green Mandarin, Pear Leaves. [Heart] Salted Butter Caramel, Tiger Lily, Ashok Flower. [Base] Cocoa, Tonka Bean, Castoreum, Blond Musks.
Blondine is a sweet, musky, floral fragrance for men and women; which is said to be a seductive and playful fragrance, crafted to intrigue the senses — inspired by the 1920’s French fairy tale. This fascinating fragrance is both spirited and tantalizing; which personally, I find absolutely gorgeous! It smells delightful, sensual and totally irresistible! Blondine performs very well, it’s incredibly well-blended; although this is the type of fragrance that might be challenging for most men to wear, due to its pronounced floral presence, I am undoubtedly enamored by its scent. This fragrance could be worn casually, but I prefer to save this one for special occasions. Day or night, this decadent and provocative fragrance will delight your senses with its soft, alluring and ethereal beauty.

Top Perfumes of 2018 by Brooklyn Fragrance Lover: A Fuego Lento


A FUEGO LENTO: Best of Scent 2018 by Carlos Powell / Brooklyn Fragrance Lover.

A Fuego Lento

A cabaña nestled in the shadow of the Andes Mountains glows beneath a cascade of mysterious stars. Inside, a fire burns as two souls surrender themselves to the night.

Orange flower and black currant entice the senses, while a pulse of nocturnal jasmine intoxicates and envelopes, culminating in a sensuous bed of balsam and suede. A Fuego Lento imparts an addictive, heady, sweet and sultry trail…

Notes: Blackcurrant buds,  Orange Flower, Jasmine Sambac, Civet, Suede, Flouve Odorante, Tolu Balsam

Sultry Floral


50ml / 1.7 fl oz

As seen in Allure Magazine | BEST OF SCENT 2018 (Cafleurebon, Colognoisseur, BklynFragranceLover)

This perfume is currently available for PRE-ORDER only.


Teisenddu Review by Prasida Perfume


"(a) warm burst of chocolate cake and spices"

Teisenddu Eau de Parfum, FRASSAÏ. Ph: Prasida Perfume

Teisenddu Eau de Parfum, FRASSAÏ. Ph: Prasida Perfume

Teisenddu embodies the spirit of the people who go to the wilderness and make a life for themselves, coaxing a dry and arid climate into something hospitable and inviting. The warm burst of chocolate cake and spices melt into a heart of dried fruit and leather.
It finishes on a whispered floral, like a memory of the journey from Wales on a ship called The Mimosa. This is a powdery soft floral accord, like a vision of the civilization left behind, but lingering on in the warm slices of chocolate fruit cake shared with grandchildren.
Note: This is not a sweet gourmand. It’s warm and cozy, but also aromatic, like baking with chocolate and spices. Also, the leather note reminds me of vetiver.
— Prasida Perfume

Best of Scent 2018


We are delighted to have been awarded Best of Scent by the prestigious Cafleurebon fragrance community two years in a row. With the launch of FRASSAÏ’s Eau de Parfum collection just a year ago, we received the Best of Scent 2017 Award with Yann Vasnier for BLONDINE Eau de Parfum. This year, A FUEGO LENTO, created with Rodrigo Flores-Roux, was a favorite of Michelyn Camen and the Cafleurebon team, awarding us the Best of Scent 2018 seal.

FRASSAÏ Founder Natalia Outeda was also awarded Best Creative Director. We celebrate this achievement as we draw a close to 2018, and look forward to embarking on more scented journeys in 2019!


Christmas in NYC


Awaken your senses and stimulate your imagination

Image RedenRenders

Image RedenRenders

This December we are all about our beloved NYC.

This is a special chance for you to come and meet our founder, Natalia Outeda, in person and discover our eau de parfum and candle collections.

Hello, Brooklyn!

We are coming to you right before Christmas for your last minute gifts and a weekend of sensorial fun.

WHEN: Saturday December 22 & Sunday December 23 from 11am-5pm STAND 77

WHERE: 72 Noble St - Brooklyn Expo Center - STAND 77

Free Gift with Purchase

Holiday Fair at Renegade Craft Brooklyn December 2018

Meet Natalia at the WAWO (We Are Women Owned) Holiday Pop-Up

Saturday 12/15 from 11am-8pm and Sunday 12/16 from 11am-6pm.

568 Broadway, corner of Prince St.

Free gift with purchase

Holiday PopUp We Are Women Owned

Interview with Olfactif


In October FRASSAÏ was part of the men’s and women’s Olfactif subscription box with Teisenddu and Tian Di. Danielle from Olfactif interviewed founder Natalia. Read the interview.

Meet Natalia Outeda, Founder of Frassaï, a fragrance house where Buenos Aires meets New York City! See how flowers, food and fragrance had a great influence on her life and how the intrigue of beauty became the driving force of her brand! 

How long have you been interested in scent and perfume? How did you start learning about it?

I became passionate about fragrance when I started working in the industry, back in 2005. Before then, I loved wearing perfume but didn’t have a signature scent. I wore Diva, Cristalle, Ysatis... but once I became immersed in the industry, a whole new world opened up to me, and it was quite fascinating. I got to see what it was like behind the scenes, test things out on a daily basis and be part of this secretive and mysterious world. 

Tell us the story of how you transitioned from the floral/restaurant industry to the fragrance industry?

I’ve always been intrigued by beautiful things. Food, flowers and perfume have something in common, they are ephemeral. They also allow us to connect with others, to share our journeys in a simple yet meaningful way. I was very lucky to learn from one of the best restaurateurs and floral designers in New York. I was studying design at F.I.T. when I began working at La Grenouille, a NYC landmark that has historically hosted the likes of Salvador Dali, Greta Garbo, Charlie Chaplin and St. Exupéry, who wrote parts of The Little Prince on the upstairs floor. This place had the most incredible flower arrangements I had ever seen and the scent of the dining room still lingers with me. This experience opened me up to a world of refinement and beauty that still inspires me today. Transitioning to fragrance just happened naturally. 

I see that your brand is certified vegan and cruelty free. Why is that important?

Harmony with nature is important to me and all the fragrances I create lightly touch upon that subject. When I started the candle and eau de parfum collections, I made a point to ensure they were vegan friendly and cruelty-free. I am not personally vegan and I work with leather, but I find that many of the products we use contain unnecessary ingredients. We have become more aware of our impact on the environment and I truly believe we can have luxurious, well-crafted scents that are more conscious. Better for you doesn't mean sacrificing an elegant aesthetic, it is simply a more transparent and authentic approach. You will also find that FRASSAÏ's outer packaging is deliberately thinner than that of other niche brands. This was also a conscious decision. Most people throw the box away, so we decided to make it fun and colorful yet light so we can minimize its impact. For our portable touch point perfume, we skip the box and use fabric pouches that you can use to keep jewelry in. We also created cedar wood boxes for our limited edition perfumes this year, making these not only part of the olfactive story, but inviting consumers to reutilize them. We find that in addition to storing perfumes and jewelry, they make for great tea boxes. 

Along the journey I learned that it's important to keep an open mind. Many natural ingredients are not biodegradable or safe on skin, they can even deplete valuable natural resources if not harvested sustainably.

What are you most proud of with your brand or your fragrance compositions?

My mission is to inspire people around the world to awaken their senses. I am grateful to have been given the opportunity to bring this vision to life and share my creations. I’m humbled by the followers I have from all over the world. It's this connection that I cherish the most. Many have become friends because we share a common language and passion. Fragrance bloggers and scent critics like Luca Turin have also been extremely supportive of my work. When people congratulate me for launching a new line in an overcrowded marketplace, I feel like I’m doing something right. It gives me the drive to continue creating because I realize that the experience that I bring with me is reflected in the end product. People actually take notice. 

Besides your own brand, what other fragrances do you wear, if any? If so, which are some of your favorites and why?

Since I started developing my line, I haven’t worn anything but FRASSAÏ. I truly love the scents and I only create fragrances that I would personally wear. I don’t recall ever finishing a perfume bottle before. I couldn’t identify with any one fragrance, and I have tested hundreds, if not thousands as a result of my work in the industry. I obviously have incredible appreciation for some of the classics and I'm proud of the launches I collaborated on (Polo Red, Kiehl's Orange Flower & Lychee, Parfums DelRae among others...) 

Now my every day go-to fragrance is Verano Porteño, although with the change of seasons I am currently wearing Teisenddu and Tian Di. While I was in NY I was obsessed with Blondine. My sister wears it really well and I was kind of jealous! And for a romantic evening out, A Fuego Lento never fails. I feel that I have found my voice through the creation of perfume. 

You also sell flacon necklaces, so cool! How did you come up with this idea and did you design them yourself?

It all started back in 2013 with the Fragrance Flacon Necklace, marrying jewelry and scent. FRASSAÏ stands for "fragrance" and "assai", a test done on metals to assess their purity. I wanted to create modern objets d'art to carry perfume while inviting the wearer to embark upon a new sensorial experience. I design and hand-make all the jewelry that is sold on Lately I have been more focused on the eau de parfum collection, however 2019 promises an expansion of the jewelry line. 

If you could describe your brand in 3 words, what would they be?

Buenos Aires meets New York. It is more than 3, I know! But it captures the spirit of the brand. 

What’s next for you and the brand?

I would like to continue offering unique sensorial experiences, allowing people to dream and transport themselves with each fragrance. I want to make this a journey of harmony and beauty. Fragrance is a way to uplift and inspire. Something as primitive and mysterious as smell can positively impact our lives. Ultimately we are all intimately connected through air.

And the Winner Is...




Earlier this month, during the U.S. elections, we set out to cast our own vote. The candidates were our five eaux de parfum: Blondine, Tian Di, Verano Porteño, Teisenddu and A Fuego Lento.

It was a tight race and for a moment we thought we’d have a tie, but slowly a clear winner emerged. We were delighted to see that Teisenddu was the most voted for fragrance: A journey on the Mimosa from Wales to Patagonia.

The runner up: Verano Porteño!