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Sucre 1461, timbre 16
Belgrano, Buenos Aires


Independent niche perfume house. Vegan and cruelty free fragrances New York, vegan luxury candles | Buenos Aires meets New York | FRASSAI | With a sensorial approach to design, each piece is conceived to evoke the senses. Our fine scented candles and eau de parfum collection will transport you through meaningful personal scented journeys

Modern fragrance and jewelry house | Buenos Aires and New York | FRASSAI

We share our inspiration as we embark on a journey of fragrance, art and beauty. Discover our indie perfume and candle lines, fragrance reviews and our own creative journey. Embark on this sensorial experience with us and stimulate your imagination

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Top Perfumes of 2018 by Brooklyn Fragrance Lover: A Fuego Lento


A FUEGO LENTO: Best of Scent 2018 by Carlos Powell / Brooklyn Fragrance Lover.

A Fuego Lento

A cabaña nestled in the shadow of the Andes Mountains glows beneath a cascade of mysterious stars. Inside, a fire burns as two souls surrender themselves to the night.

Orange flower and black currant entice the senses, while a pulse of nocturnal jasmine intoxicates and envelopes, culminating in a sensuous bed of balsam and suede. A Fuego Lento imparts an addictive, heady, sweet and sultry trail…

Notes: Blackcurrant buds,  Orange Flower, Jasmine Sambac, Civet, Suede, Flouve Odorante, Tolu Balsam

Sultry Floral


50ml / 1.7 fl oz

As seen in Allure Magazine | BEST OF SCENT 2018 (Cafleurebon, Colognoisseur, BklynFragranceLover)

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Teisenddu Review by Prasida Perfume


"(a) warm burst of chocolate cake and spices"

Teisenddu Eau de Parfum, FRASSAÏ. Ph: Prasida Perfume

Teisenddu Eau de Parfum, FRASSAÏ. Ph: Prasida Perfume

Teisenddu embodies the spirit of the people who go to the wilderness and make a life for themselves, coaxing a dry and arid climate into something hospitable and inviting. The warm burst of chocolate cake and spices melt into a heart of dried fruit and leather.
It finishes on a whispered floral, like a memory of the journey from Wales on a ship called The Mimosa. This is a powdery soft floral accord, like a vision of the civilization left behind, but lingering on in the warm slices of chocolate fruit cake shared with grandchildren.
Note: This is not a sweet gourmand. It’s warm and cozy, but also aromatic, like baking with chocolate and spices. Also, the leather note reminds me of vetiver.
— Prasida Perfume

Best of Scent 2018


We are delighted to have been awarded Best of Scent by the prestigious Cafleurebon fragrance community two years in a row. With the launch of FRASSAÏ’s Eau de Parfum collection just a year ago, we received the Best of Scent 2017 Award with Yann Vasnier for BLONDINE Eau de Parfum. This year, A FUEGO LENTO, created with Rodrigo Flores-Roux, was a favorite of Michelyn Camen and the Cafleurebon team, awarding us the Best of Scent 2018 seal.

FRASSAÏ Founder Natalia Outeda was also awarded Best Creative Director. We celebrate this achievement as we draw a close to 2018, and look forward to embarking on more scented journeys in 2019!


Best Christmas Candles for 2018


The warmth, the glow… candles bring light and set the mood during the holidays.

The gift of scent, is the gift of joy.

Our favorite scented candles to warm up the nest these Holidays and share with our loved ones:


featuring the warmth of saffron, the texture of suede and the spirituality of incense. This candle willl shine a golden amber light and elegantly scent your maison.


black pepper and cumin open up the scene, creating a fiery and sophisticated mood, while oud, jasmine absolute and civet warm up with decadent richness that will last all night.


fall for old world glamour, bring out the aged scotch whisky, Cuban tobacco, feel the sumptuous leather and oak. Top it off with a dose of vanilla cream.

Christmas in NYC


Awaken your senses and stimulate your imagination

Image RedenRenders

Image RedenRenders

This December we are all about our beloved NYC.

This is a special chance for you to come and meet our founder, Natalia Outeda, in person and discover our eau de parfum and candle collections.

Hello, Brooklyn!

We are coming to you right before Christmas for your last minute gifts and a weekend of sensorial fun.

WHEN: Saturday December 22 & Sunday December 23 from 11am-5pm STAND 77

WHERE: 72 Noble St - Brooklyn Expo Center - STAND 77

Free Gift with Purchase

Holiday Fair at Renegade Craft Brooklyn December 2018

Meet Natalia at the WAWO (We Are Women Owned) Holiday Pop-Up

Saturday 12/15 from 11am-8pm and Sunday 12/16 from 11am-6pm.

568 Broadway, corner of Prince St.

Free gift with purchase

Holiday PopUp We Are Women Owned

A Reflection on Christmas, Light and Incense


On smoke, light and perfume | De humo, luz y perfume

On smoke, light and perfume

In ancient times, incense was of capital importance during religious rituals. The smoke produced by the combustion of fragrant substances -mainly resins- was supposed to elevate prayers away from the people and reach the corresponding deities in high heavens. The origin of perfume is intrinsically related to smoke, even by ethymology: the word “perfume” derives from the Latin “per-fumum” which means, precisely, “through smoke”. Frankincense, copal, guaiac and myrrh are still used all over the world, their smoke considered to have purifying properties.

Candles, instead, are not about smoke but about light. In fact, they shouldn't produce smoke or soot. Although candles might also be used ritualistically they, somehow, convey less solemnity and austerity than incense. Maybe what we find fascinating is the warm glow of the flame, imparting its serenity to everyone around. This feeling is heightened in the case of scented candles, fragrance adding its powers to light. Perhaps there's something atavistic in the fire itself, like a minimalistic version of a bonfire. It is as common to make a wish when lighting a candle as it is to do so when blowing out the candles of a birthday cake.

You can learn more about candles and how to light them properly by visiting the FAQs and Precautions section on our webpage.

De humo, luz y perfume

En la antigüedad, el incienso era de capital importancia durante los rituales religiosos. El humo producido por la combustión de sustancias fragantes -principalmente resinas- tenía por tarea elevar a los cielos las plegarias lejos de las personas y llegar a las deidades correspondientes. El origen del perfume está intrínsecamente relacionado con el humo, incluso por etimología: la palabra “perfume” deriva del Latín “per-fumum” que quiere decir, precisamente, “a través del humo”. Olíbano, copal, guayacán y mirra son, aún hoy, usados en el mundo entero, ya que se considera que su humo tiene propiedades purificadoras.

Las velas, en cambio, poco tienen que ver con el humo sino con la luz. De hecho, no deberían emitir humo ni hollín. Aunque las velas se emplean también de manera ritual, en cierto modo comunican menos solemnidad y austeridad que el incienso. Quizás lo que encontramos fascinante sea el cálido resplandor de la vela, que imparte su serenidad en derredor. Esta sensación se ve realzada en el caso de las velas perfumadas, ya que la fragancia suma sus poderes a la luz. Tal vez haya algo atávico en el fuego mismo, como si se tratara de la versión minimalista de una hoguera. Es tan corriente pedir un deseo al encender una vela como hacerlo cuando se apagan las velas de una torta de cumpleaños.

Podés aprender más sobre velas y cómo encenderlas correctamente visitando las secciones de FAQs y Precauciones de nuestra webpage.

Celebramos un Año de Perfumería de Alta Gama Independiente Argentina


Navidad en Buenos Aires - Perfumes de Nicho FRASSAI - cruelty free

FRASSAÏ es la primera casa de perfumería de alta gama independiente Argentina. Fundada por una mujer, FRASSAÏ ofrece fragancias que invitan a un viaje sensorial y cruelty free.

Galardonados 4 estrellas por el experto Luca Turin en su guía de Perfumes 2018 & Mejor Nueva Marca de Perfumes 2018 por Colognoisseur.

Destacada por L’officiel, Harper’s Bazaar, Univision, MIAMI LIVING, Fragrantica, Cafleurebon, Basenotes, Persefume, The Scented Hound &Fragrances of the World.

Embarcate en una Nueva Experiencia Sensorial

Buenos Aires Me Encanta


Teatro Colón Buenos Aires, Argentina #sensorialexperience FRASSAÏ #buenosairesmeetsnewyork

¿Sabías que FRASSAÏ nace en la maravillosa Buenos Aires?

Hace 5 años comenzamos con joyas perfumadas y ahora tenemos una colección de perfumes de alta gama para que despiertes los sentidos y te embarques en un mundo de armonía y belleza. Dicen que nuestras fragancias son distintas, que tienen magia y cuentan una historia.

Te animás a probarlas?

"Quedé feliz de conocerte a vos y experimentar la belleza de tus perfumes llenos de energía ying-yang en equilibrio. Están "bien parados", saben quiénes son, saben que hay belleza en la experiencia completa, con los sentidos a pleno y una adentro, "al reparo" y libre. Y también saben de cambios, de estaciones, de soles y lunas, y están cómodos con eso, (muy tao, muy río que fluye ahí también). Hay películas, piezas de música, cuadros, poemas que te "mueven" (en los dos sentidos de mover/conmover), ¿viste?, agregan sentido desde un lugar cero racional. Yo anhelo los momentos en los que se da eso, relámpago de intuición, que es puro bliss. Tus creaciones tienen eso, como todo arte que viene del alma. Feliz, feliz, feliz de tener conmigo este perfume y todo eso que me provoca olerlos en mi piel." Paula 

• • • BUENOS AIRES • • • 

Sábado y domingo estaremos en La Casona de San Isidro para que puedas disfrutar de una experiencia olfativa junto a nosotros

La cita: Roque Sáenz Peña 639, SAN ISIDRO de 14 a 21 hs

• • • SÓLO POR HOY • • •

Además, hoy en la web, comprando con Mercado Pago, tenés 10% de descuento +un mini perfume de regalo. 

Te recordamos que estamos hasta el 5 de diciembre y luego regresamos en enero. Aprovechá a hacer tus compras navideñas  #buenosairesmeetsnewyork

And the Winner Is...




Earlier this month, during the U.S. elections, we set out to cast our own vote. The candidates were our five eaux de parfum: Blondine, Tian Di, Verano Porteño, Teisenddu and A Fuego Lento.

It was a tight race and for a moment we thought we’d have a tie, but slowly a clear winner emerged. We were delighted to see that Teisenddu was the most voted for fragrance: A journey on the Mimosa from Wales to Patagonia.

The runner up: Verano Porteño!

FRASSAÏ Blondine, Tian Di & Verano Porteño Review by Perfumart





o sândalo confere o teor lenhoso e macio, enquanto o almíscar traz uma sensualidade latente, que reforça, ainda mais, a durabilidade do perfume sobre a pele.
Frassai Blondine fragrance review by Perfumart Brazil
Com o passar do tempo a fragrância se transforma, como se mostrasse uma princesa frágil que precisa se defender das ameaças da floresta, conforme o dia vira noite. Então, a delicadeza floral dá lugar a cristais de caramelo salgado, que antecipam a chegada de uma faceta mais gourmand. Por fim, um cheiro de camurça macia surge e mostra um lado menos feminino da fragrância, que irá permanecer até o final.
Frassai Verano Porteño Perfume review by Perfumart
É o tipo de perfume que transmite alegria e que tem cor, como andar por um jardim de flores amarelas e laranjas sobre uma relva bem verdinha. É um floral leve, refrescante e que combina com as manhãs de sol da América do Sul.

Interview with FRASSAÏ Founder Natalia, nose Rodrigo Flores-Roux by Carlos Powell from BFL





BFL Carlos Powell interviews FRASSAI founder Natalia Outeda and nose Rodrigo Flores-Roux

We reveal the inspiration behind the new fragrances, A FUEGO LENTO and TEISENDDU, walk you through the mysterious ingredient everyone's talking about: flouve odorante, and will even tell you why you should NOT smell coffee beans plus teach you how to fold a test strip!


The Perfume of Buenos Aires


gioiagiustinoLight on Verano Porteño by @frassai ✨Crisp citrus🍋notes and green leaves🌿are facetted with petaly florals🌺and rich woods🌳to create a bright burst of sophisticated freshness. A scent that captures the feeling of Buenos Aires during summertime.🌞//

#frassai #parfume #scent #scentoftheday #light #stilllife #stilllifephotography #scents #fragrance

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Friday Morning Interview with Carlos Powell from Brooklyn Fragrance Lover


Meeting of Noses - Buenos Aires meets New York


Last week I met with Rodrigo Flores-Roux, the nose behind


two distinct takes on jasmine composed by the Master of white flowers. Each one creates a singular mood; one is bright and solar, a morning blooming jasmine with magnolia, citrus, vetiver and patchouli. The other, a simmering night-blooming jasmine with suede and the coumarin hay scent of flouveodorante. Both contain FRASSAÏ’s signature ingredient: maté absolute, lifting and supporting the floralcy with grace. 

We had a wonderful #smellsession and are already planning our next perfume, so keep an eye and your nose out!👃🏼

Natalia Outeda & Rodrigo Flores Roux FRASSAI perfume - Buenos Aires meets New York

TEISENDDU in Paris by Roxanne Kirkpatrick


Roxanne Kirkpatrick, the nose behind TEISENDDU, sends us her First Edition box from Paris, France.


Just arrived! So excited for the #limited #edition of #teisenddu thank you @frassai for sending it all the way to #Paris!! I loved working on this with you, @natalia_ou your vision and creativity is so inspiring! #givaudan #givaudanperfume#inspired #indieperfume #handcrafted

Get Centered with a Sacred Journey


This month we’re collaborating with Olfactif, @artofperfume. The theme is #SACRED, it's about centering yourself and taking an #innerjourney.

Where do you find sacredness in your life? How do you incorporate fragrance to make your journey more harmonious?

This curated collection will transport you to a sacred place Head over to Olfactif to get your October box and get your calming dose of Tian Di.