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Sucre 1461, timbre 16
Belgrano, Buenos Aires


Independent niche perfume house. Vegan and cruelty free fragrances New York, vegan luxury candles | Buenos Aires meets New York | FRASSAI | With a sensorial approach to design, each piece is conceived to evoke the senses. Our fine scented candles and eau de parfum collection will transport you through meaningful personal scented journeys

EAU DE PARFUM | Buenos Aires and New York | FRASSAÏ

Tian Di

Tian Di perfume Frassai
Tian Di Eau de Parfum Frassai NEW YORK Buenos Aires
Tian Di perfume Frassai
Tian Di Eau de Parfum Frassai NEW YORK Buenos Aires

Tian Di



A ritual for the senses, embodied in earthy incense, rich green flowers, peach elixir, and calming woods

A few notes: Chinese Incense, Star Anise, Peach Elixir, Red Chrysanthemum

Olfactive family: Woody Oriental

50ml / 1.7 fl oz

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In a garden hidden by clouds, on the mystical Mount Kunlun, Xiwangmu’s peach tree is a cosmic ladder that connects heaven and earth. Once every 3000 years the peaches ripen, and a lavish banquet is held. Offered to deities and royalty alike, it is said that the mere scent of this divine fruit grants immortality. With simple elegance and subdued beauty, Tian Di invites this mystical communion with a ritual in fragrance. Earthy incense, rich green flowers, peach elixir and calming woods culminate to open the mind, purify the body and awaken the spirit.


Ginger, Galbanum, Star Anise

Olibanum, Peach Elixir, Red Chrysanthemum, Orris 

Sandalwood, Chinese Incense, Tonkin Musk



I was smitten with incalculable desire. All elements balance expertly as if angels upon the head of a pin
— Cafleurebon
The dirty smoked peach tea rush at the start is glorious. If it were music I’d loop it endlessly.
— Everdandysilverfox
A jewel of a perfume
— Colognoisseur
Scent of sleep, so wistfully lovely that it lingers into daylight hours: Natalia Ou’s envoûtant Frassaï Tian Di, composed by Olivier J Gillotin🌹. Wisps of incense bearing notes of peach, star anise upon a pillowy orris-sandalwood base.
— Ida Meister
Stunning modern Oriental!
— Persefume
#TianDi by Olivier Gillotin (2017) ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Tasty peach–apricot 🍑 liquor on Chinese 🇨🇳 incense with a monster sillage; lasts forever, room filling.
— Philip Kraft
Gorgeous. A sparkling oriental. Nothing linear about it. Keeps me sniffing my wrist for hours.
— Elizabeth P.
Delightful, contemplative, memorable. Remarkable unpretentiousness - no superficial exoticism detected.
— SkinandScentSaga
Lovely perfume. A hint of sweetness and a lot of depth with some smokiness towards the drydown.
— Dani