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Sucre 1461, timbre 16
Belgrano, Buenos Aires


Independent niche perfume house. Vegan and cruelty free fragrances New York, vegan luxury candles | Buenos Aires meets New York | FRASSAI | With a sensorial approach to design, each piece is conceived to evoke the senses. Our fine scented candles and eau de parfum collection will transport you through meaningful personal scented journeys

Love Notes - Fragrance Reviews | Niche fragrance house | Buenos Aires and New York | FRASSAI

Love Notes - Fragrance Reviews | Niche fragrance house | Buenos Aires and New York | FRASSAI


Love Notes

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BEST DEBUT PERFUME LINE OF 2018 - Colognoisseur

TOP TEN NEW ACCORDS, TIAN DI & TOP TEN FLORALS, VERANO PORTEÑO - Perfumes the Guide 2018 by Luca Turin & Tania Sanchez

BEST OF SCENT 2017, BLONDINE - Cafleurebon Best of Scent Awards

Thank you so much. I received the package last night and the packaging is just as perfect as the perfumes themselves...all five scents are gorgeous and transportive - I think I’m going to have to get all five! SIGH!!
— Petra
A Fuego Lento
Clear opening of white flowers (jasmine and orange blossom). It has a green background and slightly sweetened. In the final phase a soft suede appears. Spectacular longevity on skin.

Original and unique creation. There is a perfect blend of floral notes, creamy notes (butter) and subtle caramel nuances. Perfume between floral and gourmand masterfully executed. Again, I am surprised by the longevity of the perfume.

The opening is balanced with bitter orange and rum. It’s like a boozy and fresh touch. Quickly enters the scene the brown sugar note, which sweetens this initial bitterness. At the base, leather is perceived that begins to appear in the drying phase.

Tian Di
Three notes are easily perceived at the beginning: ginger, peach and anise. Fresh and fruity perfume. As the fragrance develops, touches of incense and sandalwood are shown to complete this great perfume.
Verano Porteño
Again the jasmine note that we find in A Fuego Lento appears. Crisp, fresh and very aromatic. In this case are accompanied by vetiver and citrus. Base spiced. Ideal perfume for spring and summer time.

Conclusions: High quality ingredient that achieve perfumes with a performance well above the average. In general quite original. My favorites of the line are 1-Tian Di, 2-Verano Porteño and 3- Blondine.
— The_V_Scentt Spain
A jasmine-leather stunner. (A Fuego Lento TOP 25 perfumes)
— Colognoisseur's Best of 2018
Teisenddu is delicious, with a strange, caramellic-burnt, oddly marine note up top, combined with a warm spicy leather heart and dusted with a powdery-floral cloud. Brilliantly original, and brilliantly executed”
— Luca Turin
I can honestly tell you that I had no idea how deeply I was going to be enamored of each Frassaï perfume – until the samples arrived and I dared to commit them to the flesh.
— Ida M, Cafleurebon
Day or night, this decadent and provocative fragrance will delight your senses with its soft, alluring and ethereal beauty. (BLONDINE)
— George Loves Fragrance
A Fuego Lento is a mesmerizing and beautiful scent!
I understand why it was “one of the year’s best.” This is what happiness smells like!
— Jennifer
My best blind ever (Teisenddu). It’s a true gem, BRAVO. Frassai is my biggest discovery of 2018. The fragrances are not only of the highest quality, but also carry the magic to inspire. Beautiful brand!
— Laura K.
Being of Welsh descent and having spent considerable time in Argentina, I can attest to this perfume’s authenticity. Absolutely delightful. Highly recommend.
— kmkirkpatrick - Fragrantica
flowers of spring bloom in this perfume, unexpectedly lavish and oriental. ...the most unusual collaboration between white flowers and cocoa, only possible in dreams, or a myth - BLONDINE
— Persefume
I’ve been getting my nose round the @frassai collection of five perfumes. The brand was launched in 2017 by @natalia_outeda and is Argentina’s first niche fragrance brand owned by a woman. 🎉🙌💃🙌🎉 Sampling the perfumes I learned two things. The first is that perfumer @rodrigofloresroux , the nose behind Verano Porteno and A Fuego Lento, is the Flower Whisperer. More often than not I’ll stumble upon a floral fragrance, find myself really into it and then discover it’s one of his. Verano Porteno felt as if I were spraying myself with sunshine. As far as citrus florals go, it is 💯💯. An absolute joy. While A Fuego Lento is the type of jasmine perfume that simmers with the low-humming intensity of a neon light. Slightly dangerous but irresistible. The second thing I learned is flormandes (floral + gormande) are a thing. Teisenddu, created with perfumer Roxanne Kirkpatrick ( @roxyrosedemai ) perfectly balances a powder puff mimosa with toothsome, boozy sweets without dropping off into cupcake land.
— BGirlRhapsody






“...named after #tango compositions: #AFuegoLento (2018) by @rodrigofloresroux ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ A firework of white jasmine floralcy versus orange flower freshness, contrasted by cassis, in a civet-accented suede theme; distinct signature style of Rodrigo Flores-Roux. #Blondine (2017) by @yannnv ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ The intense white salicylate floralcy 💐 of the #ashokflower, buttered generously before being served with a classy vintage touch on a bed of 👱🏻‍♀️ “blond” musks. #Teisenddu (2018), the debut fragrance of @roxyrosedemai (2018) ⭐️⭐️⭐️ Patagonian Black #Welsh cake (#tortanegragalesa) 🍰 sprinkled with black sugar, rum, nutmeg and a few mimosa flowers. #TianDi by Olivier Gillotin @shalimaralpacas (2017) ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Tasty peach–apricot 🍑 liquor on Chinese 🇨🇳 incense with a #monster #sillage; lasts #forever, room filling. #VeranoPorteño by @rodrigofloresroux (2017) ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ bright and transparent bergamot–jasmine–cardamom combo (also a favorite of Rodrigo Flores-Roux) softly accented by ambrette, vetiver and maté tea. Since I used a butter theme with orris in the olfactory artwork🧂 “Salted Orris Butter à la Migirone” (kraftySMELLZ, 2018), fell especially in ❤️ love with Yann Vasnier’s ‘Blondine’; who knows, maybe buttered floralcy could be the #nextbigthing? Real dairy butter – not creamy sandalwood! In any case, #frassaï is totally #worthasniff.” —Philip Kraft

(Teisenddu) Absolutely delights and intrigues the senses! The alluring depth and inviting warmth of this fragrance are simply unparalleled. It’s clear this was crafted by someone who has traveled the world and has learned how to capture and create the impossible. Highly recommend!
— Yasqueen - Fragrantica
When I first sprayed A Fuego Lento on my husband, he said, that’s how paradise should smell. A Fuego Lento smells like joy of life, like vacations, like dancing on the beach... it smells like a warm starry night. ... The jasmine is big in this fragrance but it’s not sharp or heady, it’s soft, creamy, dipped into the tolu balsam and put into the suede purse. There is something intoxicating and sexy about this fragrance. The staying power is really good. It opened quite differently on male skin, so I’d say it’s unisex, yet leaning to female side. If you like jasmine in fragrances, this is a must try!
— Laura - Fragrantica
BLONDINE: dreamy, creamy, stunning. WHAT IT SMELLS LIKE TO ME: Hammock dreaming in a sun kissed jungle. Bone Rating: 5 out of 5 possible bones
— The Scented Hound
Teisenddu is the most intriguing fragrance in the collection. Inspiration came from torta negra, a cake made with rum, dried fruit and nuts. 19th century Welsh immigrants who settled in Patagonia introduced the cake to Argentina. Teisenddu will be available in the US from December and features a spicy fresh kick of juniper and nutmeg before notes of rum, dark sugar and leather take over.
— Clayton - What Men Should Smell Like
A Fuego Lento is for me an amazing reminder of the late spring, it is warm, the skies are ocean blue, and everywhere the flowers are blooming. If you wear this scent with amazing soft duet of orange flower and creamy jasmine, you have a felling - everything is okay
— Irina B.
A Fuego Lento is for me an amazing reminder of the late spring, it is warm, the skies are ocean blue, and everywhere the flowers are blooming. If you wear this scent with amazing soft duet of orange flower and creamy jasmine, you have a felling - everything is okay
— Irina B
Discreetly warm rum, charming dried fruits and fine leather
with an elegance that invites you to enjoy... Marvellous.” (TEISENDDU)
— Alex Stein
Tian Di, just like the fruit of original sin, opens a new world in front of my eyes talking to me in a language i was already fluent.
— Ana y el Perfume
A jewel of a perfume (Tian Di) (Verano Porteño) impressive jasmine kept light. (Blondine) Caramel and cocoa entice you towards a house that exudes a fabulous gourmand accord
— Colognoisseur
Com o passar do tempo a fragrância se transforma, como se mostrasse uma princesa frágil que precisa se defender das ameaças da floresta, conforme o dia vira noite. Então, a delicadeza floral dá lugar a cristais de caramelo salgado, que antecipam a chegada de uma faceta mais gourmand. Por fim, um cheiro de camurça macia surge e mostra um lado menos feminino da fragrância, que irá permanecer até o final. - BLONDINE
— Perfumart
I love the fragrances. They have a universe in them.
— Irina B
(ADA) smells like a lush green floral garden of everything delicate in the world.
— Dirtyboysgetclean
I just love my perfume (Verano Porteño), think of you every day, can’t get enough!
— Luba L.
Tian Di and Verano Porteno. These were my two favorites, but all are amazing and I’m sure I’ll be getting more soon!!
— Addicted to Fragrance
I wear Yann Vasnier’s Blondine for Frassaï often. Love it, and enjoy other two Frassaï’s perfumes, Verano Porteño (Rodrigo Flores-Roux), and Tian Di (Olivier Gillotin). They are beautiful, wearable fragrances. I am happy that they work for me in the best way.
— Damir G
I had forgotten how beautiful fairytales are!! BLONDINE magic all the way
— Tina B
The Perfumes are wonderful. They are lasting now for over 4 hours. Most fragrances go away in an hour
— Carolyn K flat is smelling of battered leather chesterfields and cigar smoke, with incense, elemi, oakmoss and suede it’s a manly, heady scent reminiscent of a smoky, jazz club of yesteryear”
— Cremedelacreme
The Frassai new fragrances are AMAZING. If I have to pick a favorite I will pick Verano Porteno. It is so smooth and I love the combination of floral and citrus. Blondine and Tian Di are also beautiful fragrances. I wear one of these fragrances everyday. I get so many compliments and the fragrance lasts so long. It is the perfect gift. All of the scents are wonderful!!
— Christine H
Huge scents, bravo.
— Bypersefume
I am OBSESSED with it! (BLONDINE) The smell is very sweet and sensual, not to mention it’s a great transition fragrance meaning that you can wear it for work and play!!  I am a sucker to a tee for floral scents and when the first time that I smelled this one, I immediately fell in love!
— Kyia D.
If you’re in the market for a new scent, I highly recommend trying one of these new perfumes by @frassai. ... my personal favorite, Blondine... Regardless of what type of scent you prefer, you can’t go wrong with one of these three!
— Tara H
@FRASSAI candles are the best in my Opinion
— YogaBunnyNYC
We were impressed with the Frassai scents.
— Tracy
Great service and unique pieces of jewelry that make it very special. Also great collection of candles with very chic fragrances. Very recommendable!
— Jordi C.
The candles not only smell amazing but they are beautiful to look at, just like everything else by frassai. Beautiful and unique.
— Lindsay A.
All three fragrances are amazing!! They smell soooo good. I can’t decide which one is my favorite!!!
— Michelle C
Luxurious, fragrant candles that last a long time! Highly recommend
— Richard & Linda


#LOfficielBelleza Las fragancias de @frassai ofrecen una experiencia sensorial a través de perfumes únicos: Verano porteño, inspirada en la calurosa Buenos Aires, un cuento francés de 1920 en Blondine y la mística del Monte Kunlun escondido entre nubes en Tian Di.
— L'Officiel Argentina

Recibí el trío Touch Point en súper tiempo y forma. Tian Di, Blondine y Verano Porteño son todas fragancias increíbles, originales y de calidad. Con Tian Di, fue amor instantáneo, mi preferido, en mi piel se siente mucho el licor de durazno mezclado con maderas y creo que puede usarse en cualquier época del año. Blondine, el preferido de mi hija adolescente. Y Verano Porteño, divino, fresco y con olor a limpio, seguramente será mi elegido para los días más cálidos.
— Cari Degiusti
— Scents Hunter
Amé la colección. Felicitaciones @frassai
— Liz Solari, actress
I recently found out about the brand I adored Blondine and Tian Di, Natalia the owner is very sweet, perfect quality and service! I’ll come back soon for more
— Maria Laura
Excelentes fragancias y la atencion personalizada de Natalia que me lo envio en tiempo y forma ..feliz de haberlos conocido!
— Mili de Petre
Excelentes fragancias y la atencion personalizada de Natalia que me lo envio en tiempo y forma ..feliz de haberlos conocido!
— Milagros P.
5-stars *****
— Liu Ming, tai chi master
Las velas de la coleccion Frassai son exquisitas y potencialmente iconicas. Cada fragancia es singular y llena de misterio, el envase dorado elegante lo hace aun mas preciado. Un Must Have para todos los que buscan exclusividad.
— Maria H.

Love Notes