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FRASSAÏ is a fragrance and jewelry house born in Buenos Aires and New York. With a sensorial approach to design, each piece is conceived to evoke the senses. Our fine scented candles and eau de parfum collection will transport you into a scented journey through places, memories and time. As part of the house's sustainable approach, all jewelry is handcrafted locally and in small quantities. We utilize recycled materials whenever possible. 


What the are saying

All three fragrances are amazing!! They smell soooo good. I can't decide which one is my favorite!!!" - Christine H

The Perfumes are wonderful. They are lasting now for over 4 hours. Most fragrances go away in an hour" - Carolyn K

I had forgotten how beautiful fairtytales are!! BLONDINE magic all the way" - Tina B

"If you're in the market for a new scent, I highly recommend trying one of these new perfumes by @frassai. ... my personal favorite, Blondine, which is a sensual scent using a base of blond musks, along with notes of Ashok flower, spicy Tiger Lily, cocoa, salted butter caramel, and vanilla. Regardless of what type of scent you prefer, you can't go wrong with one of these three!" Tara H.

Blondine is the fragrance that Natalia selected for me to try and believe me when I say that I am OBSESSED with it! The smell is very sweet and sensual, not to mention it’s a great transition fragrance meaning that you can wear it for work and play!!  I am a sucker to a tee for floral scents and when the first time that I smelled this one, I immediately fell in love!  Kyia D.




Seductiva y enigmática, Blondine se inspira en el cuento de hadas francés de los años 20. Notas de flor de Ashoka, cacao, tiger lily y caramelo salado culminan en una base irresistible de vainilla y almizcles rubios.

Floral Almizclado Gourmand

50ml $1.800 / 10ml $375

Blondine Touch Point Frassai
Frassai Perfume Muestras
Verano Porteño Frassai Perfume


Verano Porteño captura el aroma de un verano en Buenos Aires; cítricos chispeantes y hojas verdes se funden con flores frescas, yerba mate y madera de vetiver, dando lugar a un perfume vibrante y sofisticado.

Cítrico Floral Chypre

50ml $1.800 / 10ml $375

Verano Porteño Touch Point Frassai


Un ritual para los sentidos inspirado en las místicas montañas de Kunlun, dónde cada 3.000 años da fruto el árbol de la inmortalidad. Notas de incienso chino, flores verdes, elixir de durazno y madera de sándalo constelan una escalera cósmica que une en armonía cielo y tierra.

Oriental Amaderado

50ml $1.800 / 10ml $375

Tian Di Touch Point Frassai